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    Got a free copy, should I play WoW?

    And youre post is the stupidest thing ive ever read. Why are you making fun of us when your post doesnt have to do anything about the thread? Just here to crap i guess. My mind was wandering and then i read that. I thought i wrote more than i did but i didnt.. i got lazy i guess. I was...
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    Got a free copy, should I play WoW?

    Because youre the perfect human am i correct? You have no desires and have full control on your life and make no stupid choices right? Like anything, if you want to excel at something then you do it. You can make money with wow just like you can make money fixing up your car or making...
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    Got a free copy, should I play WoW?

    Dont start. Ive sold my accounts for a good amount of money, but i dont think its worth the hours spent on playing the game. 20 hours a day 7 days a week just to get rank 14. Just go and play free realms if you want an MMO.
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    CS:S Character Identification Help..

    Ooo Oooo i got one! Apples > oranges If you want a game thats less about teamwork then play CSS, but if youre more about teamwork then play TF2. Seriously.. you can have a clutch player win matches for you in CSS but you cant have a clutch player win in TF2. I used to be all about CS...
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    Rockstar Games Announces Agent Exclusively for Playstation 3

    Dont worry, i agree with you. I have yet to continue the story to GTA4. People say this and that about how awesome the characters and story are, but guess what, IT ISNT. There is only one real likable character in GTA4 and that was brucie. But anyways, im fairly excited for this game.. i...
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    PSP Go! confirmed, revealed!

    Switch developers to developer, then developer to publisher, then you have a winner. Sony is waiting for some miracle to happen during manufacturing, because right now, they want the PS3 console to be profitable and it wont be any time soon. Christmas time they NEED the price drop and a...
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    Activision and Sony

    Having one console is stupid. We would be stuck in a netbook world. "Why advance when we can make lots of money selling the same crap with different colors?" This is gonna be the mindset of the dominant company. Having a company hold back potential technological progress does not help...
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    Beyerdynamic DT 770 vs Beats by Dre

    In the end, you pay less for crap, but its still crap.
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    Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 to toslink?

    Is there an inexpensive way to hook up these speakers to a toslink? Theres this, but its fairly rare and i wanted to know if there was a less expensive way to get these hooked up to my macbook pro. Im...
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    Beyerdynamic DT 770 vs Beats by Dre

    Sennheiser HD-25-1 II /Thread They dont sit around the ear like the Beyer dynamics or the Beats by dre, but they are extreme quality. Beats by dre are probably the worst headphones ive ever seen. Needing a battery in order to use the headphone is major fail. Then theres noise cancelling. I...
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    TF2 spy tips

    Its not overpowered... you have to take more breaks since you cant pick up ammo to recharge and since it runs out too quickly. A good spy has to get behind defenses especially on CP maps. Technically you can get behind things with cloak and dagger, but it takes much longer. I see everyone...
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    Episode 3 coming or not?

    Adrian Shephard is technically just as important as Gordan Freeman. At least according to the G-Man.
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    PS3 Ghost Busters is shown to be seriously 'Texture Gimped' compared to the 360

    Thats just a shoddy job right there.. what were they thinking? IIRC Ghostbusters was supposed to be purely PS3 exclusive and then they changed it up.
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    TF2 spy tips

    I still use the standard cloak. It lasts so much longer than the upgraded one since i play mostly as a rusher. Usually i disguise as a sniper.. since snipers are usually behind people and stick near the back.
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    Episode 3 coming or not?

    You know what i want more than HL: EP3? OPPOSING FORCE 2.