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    Dual E5-2679v4 Workstation Build

    I'd highly recommend looking into a CUDA build for machine learning. Just slapped together a 4 gtx 1080 build for work and we are training models in ~3 minutes vs 3 days on the 5930k in there...
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    quad 1080 unlock?

    And where is that wall? I recall them saying they'd setup a website to put your serial numbers into to get done dirty if unlock code, any news on that front?
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    quad 1080 unlock?

    I'm building a new workstation for work (machine learning/ann+render slave) and we're throwing 4 gtx 1080's in it. Before I bring it in I wanted to see how it handles some games - I remember reading that Nvidia was going to have some sort of special unlock for tri/quad-sli setups as it wasn't...
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    TSMC Shares Fall on Apple, Qualcomm Order Loss Reports

    because people don't "use" chips/hardware they interact with phones/devices. :rolleyes:
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    GPGPU workstation for work (need to buy not build)

    I need a GPGPU workstation for work (raytracing/rendering) and while I'd usually build a machine myself my workplace requires a purchase order/etc... Best deal I've found is through which I like because it seems like it's basically a newegg shopping cart that will be assembled for...
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    Quad r290 (x flashed) 2nd card stuck at 2d clocks

    i had the plexi version. Leak seemed to be coming from between the quad link terminal and the card.
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    Quad r290 (x flashed) 2nd card stuck at 2d clocks

    I bought a total of 7 r290s back when they were $399 (+ sold 6 bf4 codes for $30 yippee) and 4 of them flashed to X's. Those are goin in my workstation to mess around w/and hash on. They will be under water but having waterblock leak issues so for now they are on air. After a bit of a misshap...
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    Seiki Digital SE39UY04 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV $426

    I also bought a pristine warehouse model at 396$. Arrived and bottom right corner was broken, panel was fine though. Chatted with repgot 40$ refund :)
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    OpenCL quadfire r290x cooling

    ya i don't recommend it for mining at all, better to throw another card at it and just space out the cards with risers. When I committed I thought if I was going for quadfire I may as well have them in my workstation so I could enjoy fooling around with them but at the moment just trying to hash...
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    OpenCL quadfire r290x cooling

    think i was in the 35-45 celsius range, and much quieter than the jet engines sitting next to me now... prolly be a week or two of RMA fun before I get everything back up and running
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    OpenCL quadfire r290x cooling

    sorry for mr blurrycam: unfortunately sprung a leak (was impatient and in 5 years of watercooling never had one) between the quad-terminal block and one of the waterblocks. Fried the MB but card seems to be alright... it happened to be the card that had a curious defect: what looks...
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    OpenCL quadfire r290x cooling

    Building a small OpenCL renderfarm/crypto build... I have a mora3 180mm x4 radiator in my basement from an old GTX480 SLI build, was wondering if it'd handle the wattage of 4 290s flashed to 290x's? IIRC the gtx480s put out like 475w each, and I remember the MO-RA handled that fine along with a...
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    Zotac GTX 680 4gb $470 AR

    This is instant savings, no rebate.
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    stop gap card

    I'd get a cheap -AR EVGA card (I picked up a 570 hd for $300, not so cheap but...) and then if you decide to go kepler you don't have to deal with selling off your card.
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    Apple Claims Creation of 514K Jobs for US Workers

    AHHHHH - Apple IS the one making (or at least *succesfully* marketing, either way: SELLING) innovative products to the world. Look on the back of any iDevice: designed in California, made in China. Know how much money each sale makes the US economy? and the Chinese one? Hint: future's not in...