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    Hey, can I get an invite to iptorrents? My email is I am a good seeder, I have...

    Hey, can I get an invite to iptorrents? My email is I am a good seeder, I have an account at bitsoup also with about 1.5tb uploaded and 2.x ratio.
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    BF3 Dr Pepper FREE dog tags

    How do you get it via mail in requests?
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    BF3 Alienware Dog tag free (limited quantity)

    Thanks got one
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    International student building a computer from scratch

    Hi guys, I'm an international student and I'll be moving to the US for graduate school in August. I'm thinking about buying a new computer from scratch for when I get there, and this is what I have so far. Any...
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    L4D2 6.79 or 20.39/4

    God damn I want to play this so bad and AthlonXP is not online :s any other kind person would help me? :p
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    L4D2 6.79 or 20.39/4

    Would someone mind gifting the L4D+L4D2 bundle to me? For some reason the steam store isn't working for me. I can paypal you the money if that's ok with you.
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    No more attributes in Diablo 3

    Dungeon Siege style is more realistic
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    Guild Wars: The Complete Collection

    40 for everything? Sounds like a deal, where did you see this?
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    Pandemic 2

    Hehe, nice work
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    anyone here play earth 2025?

    Earth is like a dumbed down version of Utopia
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    The Witcher: VERSUS! goes live

    Is this anything like
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    nVIDIA ForceWare 174.93

    Anyone tried to see any improvements?
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    What to do about a suddenly overheating 7800GT?

    That has happened to me before on my 7800GT too, I RMA'd it
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    heatsink for s939 x2?

    I'm on stock right now but I want to do some overclocking. Any suggestions?
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    8800gt for 1280x1024 256mb or 512mb?

    When it gets to the point where running games in 1280x1024 (~med quality) will make a big difference between 256 and 512, would the 512 have a good frame rate? Most of the reviews I've seen where the 256 shows it's faults (like ~30%+ difference from the 512), the frame rates on the 512 is...