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    From prebuilt to Inwin 301

    thank you. If i punched out more of those tabs that would be more wires that would be seen. That's not allowed.
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    From prebuilt to Inwin 301

    Recently picked up a Cybperpowerpc prebuilt deal with a 3700x and rtx 3070 and re-cased it with a proper sized case and much quieter components. Oversized cyberpowerpc case with cheap apevia PSU and cheap noisy fans. New perfect sized Inwin 301 with Inwin Sirius and Noctua fans. Apevia has...
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    How did you purchase your Nvidia 3xxx series card? Owners vote only please.

    I was going for a new machine any way, so when a cyberpowerpc 3070 deal popped up before xmas i jumped on it. swapped out the case, psu and fans for my own. after selling all the parts that i didn't want locally, I'm about where i would have spent anyway.
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    Will these led lights work with 4 pin header on my Z490 Asus board?

    this should solve your problem
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    Micro ATX case suggestions wanted

    Unfortunately, no 5.25 bay, but i just finished putting together my inwin 301. It has a solid top so adding a handle to the top shouldn't be an issue.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    The mounts are thee They put the dual 27" monitors just a bit over half an inch away from the wall. I had to use 90 degree hdmi adapters and some hacking of the stock power cable...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Still finishing up the wiring for the cabinet lights, but here is my setup using the Galant w/ glass top.
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    Set up for large conference hall - thinking Ubiquiti?

    i would consider two sector antennas i think they cover 120 degree radius (assuming that you install one on the wall on each side of the room) look on and give them a call. they are very helpful. I would probably use the Ubiquiti bullet hp
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    Syncing two servers across the country

    You are way ahead of my knowledge. Untangle is forming the VPN tunnel for me so i have that checked. The DC, the file server, and the TSGateway can be the same server correct? We are a smaller company of around 20.
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    Syncing two servers across the country

    So I'm in a bit of a bind for ideas. My company is now opening up an office on the other side of the company and I think that i would like to set up another file server at the new office that would sync up with the one at our existing office. Currently our new office only has two employee's so...
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    Dell PERC6/i raid 5 question

    Hi i have a server running raid 5 with 3 500gb sata hard drives. the card is a PERC6/i RAID Controller (SATA/SAS Controller). It is currently running an old version of ubuntu and i want to do a fresh installation of the latest LTS version using new drives. I figure i can take all 3 of the...
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    server 2008 folder permissions stumped

    I think you just solved my simple problem. I guess after you stare at the same thing for so long you forget to take a step back. thanks
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    server 2008 folder permissions stumped

    So i am very confused at why my server 2008 is hating me right now. Here is what i have I have domain users Jennifer and John, and an administrator named Bryan. I have a shared folder called share. Inside this folder i have another folder called test. The permissions to the share...
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    wrong permissions for /tmp/orbit-*

    n/m fixed it
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    foxconn net top w/ ion video laggy?

    i have flash 10.1 installed, and it doesnt seem to want to take advantage of my hardware. Is this somthing that i have to enable in flash? i'm tempted to try 10.2 beta.