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    Intel legacy BIOS support removal?

    Dual boot OS system and want to upgrade motherboard with minimal changes. I'll worry about UEFI the next time around. If anyone has a 400 series chipset motherboard (Comet Lake), can you check your BIOS?
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    Intel legacy BIOS support removal?

    Back in 2017, Intel announced it would remove legacy BIOS support and CSM, and force everyone to UEFI. The dates were "2020".
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    It's this guy: I like it.. Wanna keep it. It has that vent for blowing hot air out.
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    My case, and preference. Micro-ATX board and equivalent case. Some of those towers just barely scratch the side panel. Others may work. Who knows, but I'm tired of playing that game when I order something. I found what works, and will stick with it.
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    It's the height above the motherboard I liked with the Coolermaster. I think the Noctua will work, especially if I can swap out the 120mm fan for a standard height.
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    Swapping motherboards - Existing Windows 10 install

    So normally when I upgrade my PC, I reinstall my OS. I'll be doing that shortly again but without the OS reinstall. I'll have a new motherboard, CPU and RAM. Chipset going from Q270 to Q470, with CPU from Skylake to Comet. I'll be keeping my SSD's and other peripherals. Are there any...
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    I was just looking at that, and it works because there is a "High-clearance mode" which puts the fan on top. Perfect.
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    I'm building a new PC and want it equivalent to my current one, just with next-gen parts. ie. The particular ASUS motherboard is 2 generations newer. Same with CPU, etc. My favorite CPU cooler doesn't seem to be available anymore...
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    A good membrane keyboard? (The k is going on this 1)

    Low profile keys? That looks like a crappy laptop keyboard.
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    How long do keyboards last?

    My Gateway Anykey keyboard lasted me 20 years before I got around to replacing it. It was still working when I did, but wasn't as pretty.
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    Networking with Ubiquiti

    With Ruckus you pay for enterprise software on a top notch chipset. In this case, the Qualcomm Atheros chipsets. Everything else is below that. You will pay for it though. I have the Ruckus R610 3x3 802.11ac wave2 with MU-MIMO. Bought used on eBay. Never a problem...
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    Windows 10 system image backup - opinions?

    Terabyte Unlimited's suite of products for me. Never fails.
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    Best OS or NAS OS to run Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin off of ?

    Same here. I run SnapRAID under Windows. The C: drive with the OS and all my applications gets a proper image backup once in a while, but the other drives store mostly static data where SnapRAID really shines. The benefit there is a normal file system, so I can move things around or massage...
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    WOW Cable rant

    Found it: It's the Broadcom. Me=happy.
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    WOW Cable rant

    WOW cable tech came out today and replaced my (bought) Motorola modem with one of theirs. Initially he brought the same Intel Puma modem I had before this, so I asked if he had anything else. He then brought in a Technicolor CGA4234VGW. It's a wifi-router-voip thing but you can turn all that...