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    What kind of LCD defect is this?

    Looking at the panel with polarized glasses yields no anomalies. The panel evenly blacks out under a variety of background colors. The spots do not show up inconsistently from the rest of the panel. So what does that mean?
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    What kind of LCD defect is this?

    What I can do is swap in one replacement bulb and reassemble the display. If the back light is not uniform then I will replace all of the bulbs in one monitor and use the good pulls to fix the other. The other option is buying a CCFL bulb tester off eBay for around $50 and using that to power...
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    What kind of LCD defect is this?

    I disassembled one of the U2711 monitors today. It's not too bad, just a lot of wires, small parts, screws and clips to deal with. My findings are that the LCD itself is fine. The issue is with the CCFL backlight diffuser panel. The U2711 has a vast array of U shaped CCFL bulbs. It seems...
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    What kind of LCD defect is this?

    I'll pull one of them apart tomorrow and see if I can find anything. I do agree that it looks like like light bleed thru from behind the screen. Otherwise the two displays are working nicely.
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    What kind of LCD defect is this?

    I bought a couple "B" grade U2711's to use as perimeter monitors in a 3xU2711 Eyefinity set up. My center display will be a brand new U2711 as I didn't want any defects, however for the outside monitors it was tolerable because they are not my primary focus. The defects on both displays are in...
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    Triple U2711 Eyefinity VS. U3011 + 2x20"?

    I went triple U2711's on an ATI 6990. Waiting on my last display - it's gonna be NICE!
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    Monitor mount for three 27" displays?

    Guys, Does anyone know if a quality sturdy mount for three 27" displays, specifically the U2711? I just bought three of them to connect to my new system running an ATI 6990. I do fabricate and metal work so an alternative is me simply bending some tube and cutting brackets on my CNC...
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    HP lp2475w - Pixels stuck on - power on only.

    In some Samsung HDTVs I've seen where the capacitors in the power supply circuity begin failing and it causes this type of problem. Can't say it's the same thing but it's possible.
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    does anyone use their 37" westy as a tv?

    Yeah when I bought my house recently I needed a bigger TV for my master bedroom. So I took my 37" Westy and hooked it to my HDTV service. Works well, I have no complaints. I ended up just sticking a 24" display on my computer. Xbox 360 always looked good with no ghosting on my 37" Westy.
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    Best Buy Clearance Laptops In-Store YMMV

    The FX is a good laptop. I paid $1149 for mine about a month ago.
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    Seagate 1.5TB $182.27 @ amazon

    Plus Amazon will give you price protection for 30 days. I love Amazon - I have spent well over 25k there, no disappointments.
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    Best Buy has the P-7811FX Gateway on-sale 1250

    I picked one of these up today. So far, so good. Excellent display - big laptop though. I bought a $100 off Bestbuy laptops coupon from Ebay and got it for $1149 + $12 I paid for the coupon. So $88 extra off - I put that towards their accidental damage warranty for two years. A lot of bang...
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    PS..Loud Pop,Smoke,then powers on!!??

    If that happened to me, that PSU would be in the box already. No way I'd risk my home, or the rest of my gear to run 3dmark! AC power is nasty to mess around with and is not worth the risk.
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    Close call

    Hopefully it's a learning experience. All of my important data resides on my RAID5 array - however I have a 1TB Hitachi drive that I also backup files to. I also use Data Backup PC to back up my array to an LTO3 tape drive. I'm a IT Manager tho, so I've learned over the years the importance...
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    Q9450 vs X3350

    I dropped a X3350 into a Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi board today and it's running great. Quad Priming at 3.2ghz, 1.17v indicated. Even speed step works to drop it to 2.4ghz at idle. :)