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    BioWare Employee Celebrates and Mocks TotalBiscuit’s Death

    Wow, I didn't even know Total Biscuit had died. I loved his videos during Steam sales where he would play a bit of each game and talk about it. Clearly this guy took criticism of the game way too personally (unless he was the lead animator or dialogue writer on Andromedra then most of the...
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    US Senator Demands Government Oversight of Predatory “Loot Boxes” in Video Games

    I don't like them - but, well, do you remember those passes they tried doing for awhile where you had to register a one use code in order to do multiplayer and EA was hoping down the road if somebody bought it used they would also pay for a multiplayer pass? Everybody hated those too. Remember...
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    US Senator Demands Government Oversight of Predatory “Loot Boxes” in Video Games

    Do you trust that the government knows enough about games that should they write a law or regulation they will understand the nuances between why gamers hate paying to get a random item in game, but are ok with paying to play the game with the goal of getting random items? Eg, the difference...
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    Threadripper Pays for Itself Using Cryptocurrency Mining @ [H]

    I've been seeing this topic pop up all over the place, but this is the first place that started talking about it by mentioning that it was AMD marketing that sent the idea out there. Are older chips Intel chips just too inefficient to do this with or could you still come out ahead even with...
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    Microsoft’s Next App Will Let You Track Your Friends

    Sounds like the equivalent of 'Find my Friends' on iOS. It actually comes in handy at times particularly with family.
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    UK Wants To Ban Messaging Apps Without Backdoor Access

    Wouldn't this make open source illegal?
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    Congress Wants To Legislate Net Neutrality

    They don't need to, since 'the proposal is being backed by several large telecommunications companies'. They don't need to understand the Internet to understand how to pass the law Verizon and AT&T wrote for them.
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    Jury Finds Apple Not Guilty Of Antitrust

    People found a way around the DRM in the original iPod, and started to put music on it that didn't go through Apple. Apple updates their system software and closes the bug in the DRM. That's what this lawsuit is. Now, if that were to win a guilty verdict, get out of the way, I wouldn't turn...
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    Google Street View Car In Wrong-Way Crash

    Yep, pretty much. Quote from article: "After the crash, Case sought treatment at a hospital emergency room, where he received a CAT scan and X-rays. Case said that he suffered bruised ribs and whiplash in the crash and was outfitted with a neck brace at the hospital. Case said that he...
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    GameStop Offering A High Interest Rate Credit Card?

    Capital One - try for one of the lower tier cards and work your way up. I used to have no credit like you, just put everything on my Paypal Debit card because I had the grandfathered one that gave 1.5% cash back. Then I decided I needed to build credit. Capital One was the easiest to get...
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    FCC Asked to Bypass State Laws Banning Municipal Fiber Internet

    If you think decisions like this are better decided on a local level, then it makes every sense in the world that a community/city should be able to decide on it's own without say from the state. If you think decisions like this should be decided by people who aren't in your city - then it...
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    The Revolt Against Google ‘Glassholes’

    I think the idea behind the camera is to catch those fast moments that don't give you time to pull our your phone or when you want to be looking at what you're taking a photo of instead of just looking at a screen of a device pointed at what you want a photo of. EG your kid does something new...
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    The Revolt Against Google ‘Glassholes’

    I believe the psychological term for that is 'confirmation bias.'
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    Notch: People Say We Are "Literally Worse Than EA"

    Comcast is way worse than EA. I can choose not to buy EA products and yet still have games to play. I can't choose to not buy Comcast products and yet still have cable or cable internet.
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    Disney Sees Infinity Video Game Hitting $1 billion in Revenue

    I really can't understand how putting a little figurine on a reader, then playing a game is somehow better than just playing the game with the character already in it. It isn't like you're actually interacting with the figurine - you're just setting him somewhere then focusing your attention on...