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    Razer DeathAdder @ $47.49 shipped

    Skill is involved in CS:S... As long as you can find a server without people who are exploitting the game in some way. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that have exploits of this game. Even if they are as small as neon skins for teams. Undetectable, but still give you a great...
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    Best diamondback settings for FPS?

    i have the same problem. This is the only mouse that i do this with :confused:
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    P4c+ R520. A bottleneck?

    didn't you hear? All of the supplies of the chip are going into the new game system... The Phantom
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    Dungeon Siege II worth the download?

    I liked the first dungeon siege, Neverwinter Nights, Diablo 2, and Morrowind. This Dungeon Siege 2 however gets a big thumbs down from me. Download it if you want though, give yourself a piece of mind. ;)
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    This Punishing System Has To Go

    one big problem, is half the time you do not know if you died from a mine, or if some dumbass just sniped you that was on your team. PUNISH THEM ALL!!! :cool: No, the way to fix this problem is to keep team kill, but take out the fact that vehicles and landmines kill teammates...
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    Skill and MMORPGs

    MMORPG = Time playing = "Skilled" Anything else = Time practicing = Skilled more Time = more Skill If you spend 100 hours playing basketball outside, you will probably gain as much "skill" as someone who spent 100 hours on an RPG is regarded. Although i see the difference, they are...
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    Ratpadz GS, got mine today my impressions inside

    my ratpad GS was the best mouse pad i've ever used new. After 3 months of use, i could probably get better use out of using a sheet of sandpaper for a mousepad than the Ratpad GS. With that said. Func 1030 is a great mousepad. If ratpadz lasted longer than 3 months, i would...
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    Mega Man Anneversy Collection! YES!

    there goes another controller...... :rolleyes:
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    Number one controller throwing game.

    another vote for megaman. I hate that game :mad:
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    Guess i won't be unlocking any more weapons for a while...

    same here...... oh welll.... they have everyones money so its too late .... watch the "expansion pack" fix everything
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    I have lost the will to play.....

    BF2.... i just got on for a few mins.... "meh" :o
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    recommend me a good HDMI to DVI cable that isn't too expensive

    Scar , I'll buy the cable. Email me at
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    HTPC upconvert

    What all do you need for an HTPC in order to make it upconvert DVD's just like a high end DVD player?
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    The wierdest flash game EVER!

    ok nm im getting it... yea definitely weirdest game i've ever played...