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    SB4200 Cable Modem Issue

    Motorola SB4200 Cable Modem I'm having issues with my cable modem. My cable provider told me I had old lines so I replaced all the coax with quad shielding RG-6 cable in the house. I had my cable provider remov all the old unused lines from the box. I now have two cable lines and one cable...
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    BF:V Slow Load Times

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    Hung Process: How do I know?

    Thanks bbz_Ghost! That will help tremendously. I had disabled the plextools on my account, but forgot about it loading on her account. I used msconfig to disable the rest.
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    Hung Process: How do I know?

    Windows XP SP2 I have two profiles on my Windows XP mine and my wifes. One day I noticed my computer was going REALLY slow. I opened the task manager to check to see what process was hung. Nothing was taking up any of the processing time. That is to say the System Idle was at 00 so there...
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    Rise of the triad editing modding

    I absolutely LOVED the Hunter/Prey mode. The prey would have no weapon, and the huntewr would have a knife. You'd chase the prey, and try to rack up kills, but then the roles would change and the hunter would be come the prey. Very fun.
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    One Way To Fight Back Over 2142 Spyware

    I didn't buy Battlefield 2 when it came out becaue it didn't have coop play. Me and my buddies liked to play BF 1942 against an AI only group of enemies. We didn't care about playing against other real people. We aren't hardcore gamers. We only play once a week for a few hours. We didn't...
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    Old games you would like to see remade.

    TRS-80 Temple of Apshai or it's sequel Hellfire from Epyx My favorite game of all time is C64 Mail Order Monsters. I could see that game ported to any console. I'd LOVE to see that one. Maybe Archon? I love the Ultima Underworld reference. The FIRST first-person game made. Well...
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    Warning!!! File size is 1.4 meg. I did the best I could. It took about ten shots to get this, but this was the clearest shot I got. It's actually not too far off from what I see.
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    How should I save the image so eveyone can get a deifinitive look? Image shack has size limit of 1.5 and under. What format should I save it as? Maybe the raw picture from my camera will be below the limit?!?
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    I'll try to post one at lunch. I was in a hurry this morning, and didn't get a chance to respond.
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    Both images are screenshots. The first Dell 2007WFP I had was a A00, had severe banding, but the color was more vibrant and the text very crisp. I get A02, and the text looks blurry and pixelated. When I move in Guildwars, I notice a screen door effect only on A02. A02 also came with...
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    Here's Yahoo. Maybe my expectations were to high. I can definitely see every pixel in every letter. As for the Clear Text, it looks awful on my monitor.
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    I was purposely not mentioning the text to see if it bothered anyone else. It appears fuzzy to me all the time.
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    I've got a Dell 2007WFP and would like people's opinions on the following screen shot. System: Athlon Opteron 146 EVGA 7800 Nvidia 1 Gig Ballistix I have the following settings for Guildwars Highest Quality on every setting and 4X - Anti_Aliasing
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    Dell 2007 fp/fpw Banding issue.

    Thanks for the posts. I still haven't found the RGB settings I use to have, but I'm gladd some people posted their settings. BTW, Is the standard Brightness 50? Thanks