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    New, secondary drive disappears after wakeup from sleep mode

    That really doesn't solve the issue now, does it? I just don't need my to run my PC when not using it for a period of time.......simple enough. I used to run the water the whole time I was brushing my teeth as well........... That said. I put the drive in my HTPC and it wakes out of sleep no...
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    New, secondary drive disappears after wakeup from sleep mode

    No. A rescan in Disk Management or Search for New Hardware doesn't work either.
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    New, secondary drive disappears after wakeup from sleep mode

    So I've swapped from my Hitachi 2TB hard drive to 6TB Toshiba. Drive is gone as soon as I wake it up from sleep(Windows 10) and returns every time I reboot. I'm on a replacement after returning the first one, and this one does the same thing, so it's not likely a bad drive. Swapped out SATA...
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    I found that loading my BIOS backup profile from a thumb drive worked, but not the saved one on the mobo, though they were both the same. Went from 1407 to 2407 an hour ago on an X570-F, so we'll see how stability goes.
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    Panasonic VIERA Infinite-Black 50 Inch 1080p THX Plasma HDTV - $949 w/ Free Shipping

    True, for most not a concern, but it's a shame oblivious comsumers can allow companies to keep putting out a compromised product with no repercussions. :( And I'm sure you know you can't just "tune" the black levels back, calibration disk or not. I hope mine don't become too noticeable over time.
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    Sandy Bridge CPU's not available from e-tailers

    Wow. I stated "I exchanged to an i7 950/X58 setup that booted right up and was running within 3 hours". That sentence includes from the exchange, travel time home, unpacking everything and all the little interuprtions in between. It also doesn't imply it took 2h59m59s. I shouldn't expect great...
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    Sandy Bridge CPU's not available from e-tailers

    Funny how my "skilz" gots betters wit my new mobo and proc. :rolleyes: Do you really think Micro Center would tolerate someone doing that many exchanges without legitimately proving fault? Please don't answer, that's retorical.
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    Sandy Bridge CPU's not available from e-tailers

    Yes, it is shit for many. I went through 6, yes 6!, motherboards(Asus, Gigabyte and MSI), 3 sets of RAM and 2 2500K's(one died in a day) in 5 days trying to get a stable system that could complete a full OS install. I knew everyone's name working returns at Microcenter by the end of that fiasco...
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    SSD For OS?

    Nonsense. I've had 5 pairs of drives in RAID0 over the years and access time may have slowed .1 ms on some of the lesser on-board RAID chips compared to the single drive at worst. And since access times are unchanged, and STR has basically doubles as well with HDD's, how do SSD's scale better?
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    Q6600 to i7-860 - Worth the $600, or better spent elsewhere?

    Upgrade the slowest part of your system IMO. HHD to SSD.
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    1 velociraptor vs 2 velociraptor's in raid 0

    Here are my 80 giggers: And my pair in RAID0, 32K stripe:
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    Speed difference between Velociraptor 150gb and 300gb

    I can show mine: And my pair in RAID0:
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    ssd's are they reliable?

    If you're [Hard] :rolleyes:, go for it. Otherwise, do a search on it's developing problems to see if it's risk you want to take with your money.