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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    3770k here (that I upgraded to from a 2500k about a year and a half ago to give it some extra life while I waited...) ready to upgrade. Looking forward to reviews, and I'll basically buy whichever has the best single threaded performance paired with the most cores. Hopefully reviews drop before...
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    I'm not sure how this relationship was formed, but I have to admit, I'm a fan. :) Of the VPN services I've trialed, Mullvad thus far has been my favorite!
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    Intel Core i9-9900K 9th Generation CPU Review @ [H]

    I saw that price on launch day, but even by the end of the day, the prices had gone up. As of today, they're still selling for $580 basically everywhere: Amazon: $580 NewEgg: $580...
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    2070 worth buying now?

    I have a GTX 970 and I grabbed a Gigabyte $499 model as it had a backplate and 8+6 pin power over eVGA's naked card and 8-pin only. I would consider a 1080 or a 1080ti at a good price, but I want either a new card, or a card with plenty of warranty that's easily transferrable (follows card; I...
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    MSI MEG Z390 ACE Unboxing and Intel 9000 CPU Discussion

    The 9900k found it’s way on Amazon a bit early and sold out; street price looks to be $499 - also posted up on B&H for all 3 versions
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    Tesla Manufactured 80,000 Vehicles in Q3

    I saw a brand new Model 3 off the line at my detailer, and the paint was honestly pretty bad; lots of drips/debris/bubbles in the paint. I really hope they sort it out, as Tesla cars are a thing I would like to eventually own, but I would be pretty upset with the paint I saw at the prices they cost.
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    3dfx Voodoo 5 6000

    The Voodoo 5500 AGP was the first piece of "kit" that I ever got and started me down the path of computers and PC gaming (along with the rest the my first system, who's specs I still remember). This thread makes me so very happy. :)
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    GeForce RTX 2080 Overclocking Preview with Scanner @ [H]

    I'm curious if the Scanner Technology produces different results based on card temps; how well would the same card OC in a well ventilated case vs one that's struggling to keep cool.
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    They just showed new prices $999 -> 2080ti $699 -> 2080 $499 -> 2070
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX & 2950X CPU Review @ [H]

    Thanks for the great write-up! I enjoyed the last two sections the most, for sure. Keeps us in the loop when you get the motherboard situation sorted out. :)
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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 2 @ [H]

    Did a HardForum member loan a 780 Ti for these tests? I didn't see a shoutout anywhere.
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    eBay 15% sitewide May 4th 8am - 4pm PST

    That's exactly what I did; I grabbed a lens for $90 off that I've been eye-balling for a few weeks. =)
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    AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen 2 2700X Zen+ CPU Review @ [H]

    Great review! Glad to see AMD back in the game, so to speak. I'm curious about the dead CPU; was it a test bench CPU that only ran benchmarks @ 5GHz @ some voltage, or was it living in a desktop which it was borrowed from as needed? I haven't seen a confirmed kill on a newer intel CPU in...