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    Buy 2080Ti now, or wait for holidays?

    nVidia right now is in the drivers seat. However I do no think they are sitting idle. I would not be surprised if there is not significant ray tracing efforts going on. While their first debut was not all unicorn and was not something that made me say "well, that is dumb". I...
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    Astrophysicist Says He Knows How to Build a Time Machine

    The thing is...if he could even pull off a 100 ms, that would be enough to be the richest person in the world in the span of a few days via the stock markets.
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    Thurrott: Minecraft Is Getting a Whole New Look With Ray Tracing Support

    Yes and might be a "long game" kind of thing. Right now the DEV's have gotten really good and non RTX stuff with a series of very clever substitutes. The gap between an RTX card that can surpass that at the same price point just isn't reasonable at this point. Hell...doom did...
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    Scientists develop device to detect bacteria in minutes, not days

    I amazed her that the people against this don't realize that electron microscopes for this level of testing are benchtop sized. This is not DOA....far from it.
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    Bounty Hunters Can Get Phone Locations for $300

    You aren't being honest. Cops are paid bounty hunters as well, they just paid if they only do their job "half right" or "not at all". Cops aren't all perfect either..there are shit bags there too. So lets use your logic and throw them out as well, who needs cops. As for throwing out the...
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    Bounty Hunters Can Get Phone Locations for $300

    You didn't read the article did you? The issue isn't the bondsman who do have a legal right to track people is the bondsman who are abusing their privldeges for personal profit. This is no different than a cop using is squad car to get around waiting for a red right.
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    Toyota Unveils Guardian System That Can Make Decisions on the Fly to Avoid Accidents

    Dude..this the internet. If it is digital or digitized and it can be used as evidence and facts regardless of legitimacy or relevancy to current standards. The issue with that crash wasn't that it was how Airbus responded to it. Airbus has a really bad habit of not...
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    BioWare Shows Off Anthem at CES

    Anthem is very much about your "suit" and synergizing with other players. Cool downs are pretty short so it is meant to be a hybrid of gun play and your suit.
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    BioWare Shows Off Anthem at CES

    I am cautiously optimistic about this game...but after the recent changes to BF5 "live services" I have serious doubts again. I just don't get it. BF5 was decent and, charging for a fucking "red dot"....go to hell.
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    The Walking Dead: The Final Season Is Now an Epic Store Exclusive

    Then we would land up with one mega store selling everything as everyone else would get crushed out and left with system where the seller of the keys has the ability to put the screws to the developers. I get only want a system that benefits you...fuck everyone else. It is amazing how...
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    Gaming Chat Startup Discord Raises $150M, Surpassing $2B Valuation

    And here you are posting on the [H] with 1200+ posts. I could see you reading the front page news. I could see you participating in some of the sub-forums on a particular topic. But nearly all your post are from the front page news. If that isn't a "time waste"...what is. Hypocrisy is...
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    Ford Unveils Its Noise-Canceling Dog Kennel

    Ever think that was intentional?
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    DICE Apologizes to Battlefield V Players for Dumbing Down the Game

    Every PVP game that increases TTK usually lands up losing a large percent of its player base. Usually people that get killed by campers are situationally unaware of of the map and land up running directly into a shooting lane again and again and again. Don't get me wrong...I suck and PVP...
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    Anthem Alpha Streamer Loses Entire EA Origin Library after Breaking NDA

    His entire account was they wiped 1 game. Nerd rage...
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    True "pay when you need it" options for GSM tablet

    It just isn't common among the big carriers oddly enough. I have found some option among B and C tier carriers...but the big players are all about locking you in it seems.