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    Bought a pair of JBL LSR305s - Constant hiss

    TL;DR - help me find new speakers. I can't stand the idle noise from these JBLs. So I've determined that it isn't my power or my equipment. From three different power sources and three different devices, and with no devices connected. No matter what volume and settings the speakers are...
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    Dell Acknowledges Security Hole In New Laptops

    Depending on how it is deployed, a fresh install might not do it. Even if you download an OEM MSDN copy directly from Microsoft. It depends how Dell is infecting the computer. One of Lenovo's later iterations infected via chip separate from the hard drive. So even if you got a new drive and a...
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    Intel Begins 3 Free Game Promotion

    List of qualifying products would be great.
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    Corsair Hydro Series VGA Cooling Lucky Draw

    1. Do you already, or would you consider liquid cooling your GPU using a solution such as Corsair’s Hydro Series Liquid cooling bracket plus the Corsair Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler? Yes, I'd definitely consider it. 2. If you could buy a VGA card with a liquid cooler preinstalled...
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs GL
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    Looking for 2.1 system

    Thanks all, picked up a pair of edifier S330 used for $85 - can't beat the price.
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    Looking for 2.1 system

    I've been looking at: Edifier 2.1 S330D Corsair SP2500 2 bookshelf + powered sub + amp I like the Edifier's multiple inputs, two digital (toslink and spdif), + L/R analog input (RCA?) After searching around many people seem to say the 2 bookshelfs speakers with amp and powered sub are...
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    Asus motherboards have always been my go to brand. Win OS software to control the bios and the new UEFI bios are great. Sounds cards, GPUs, motherboards, laptops, and monitors have always had a good experience with Asus. Best part is they come on the forums with guides and support.
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    Antec EDGE 650W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    Will this be the one!?
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    Is coil whine present on the 980 reference cards?

    I have a high range of hearing and cannot stand coil whine. Do any of you have a reference 980 GTX that are familiar with coil whine - does it have it?
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    Any good PVE MMORPGS out there?

    Secret World is awful don't bother with it. FF14 looks great and overall has nice concepts but the game is a bit out of sync, you can adjust to it - but it is annoying. World of Warcraft has a new xpac coming, usually good for a bit of fun but content doesn't come out very often. Wildstar has...
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    Mouse with good macro support - request

    Thank you both.
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    Mouse with good macro support - request

    I'm trying to find a replacement mouse, my current mouse left click is going bad. I would like a mouse with macros that let me use all the buttons on the mouse and also move the cursor position, like AC Tools. I tried a Roccat mouse, that had nice features but the laser wouldn't work on my...
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    Intel Retail Edge "Summer Deal" 2014

    Ordered my 4930k, now I need to find a use for it...