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    Using GTX 1070 with RX 460 on the same PC

    Thanks for the tip on the bluesky. I got MPC-HC running at 60fps. I really wish I can get it to run at 120 or 144 like with SVP. Does anyone know how to get Fluid Motion to play back at 120 or 144hz? - Ton
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    Using GTX 1070 with RX 460 on the same PC

    Hmm... this is very interesting. I enjoy using SVP on my old nvidia. I now have an RX480 and a 144hz freesync display. Need to give fluid motion a try. Any idea on how to enable fluid motion on the playback?\
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    eBay: 4TB HGST Megascale (Enterprise) hard drives for $99 w/ free shipping (Buy it Now)

    Very nice. I saw NE has refurb of this drive for like $110. The good part is that the one on ebay offers 1 year warranty vs NE 90 days. Do you know if the warranty is from the seller or manf? Seeing that the drive is manf in 2013, it makes me think its the seller. Just curious if you know...
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    Intel Xeon E5603 Westmere-EP 1.6GHz Socket 1366 Processors

    That is actually a good idea. Why don't just give it away to charity, and claim it as a tax deduction. If the IRS audits you on the processor deduction, you already have the justification of "Why" its worth what you want. You already held on to the processor for this long, so its obvious you...
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    Intel Xeon E5603 Westmere-EP 1.6GHz Socket 1366 Processors

    Does it really matter? I am looking for a 6 Core 1366 for my motherboard. Probably looking to spend around 60'ish.
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    Intel Xeon E5603 Westmere-EP 1.6GHz Socket 1366 Processors

    OMG!!!! This thread is over a year old and you just held on to the processor? Just give it to your cousins brother business and be done. You have tried long and hard, and no one has purchased it for the price you want It seems that giving away to the fam is the only solution that you will...
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    Shadow Warrior (steam) for $1.50

    I had to buy the game it after seeing the trailer clip. "You mess with the bull, you get the Wang!" I can't wait to get some time to play it. - Ton
  8. T 20% everything, max $50 discount

    Very nice. Works very well. - Ton
  9. T announced free membership today

    For those folks interested, a bit more update about my order from Jet. As I mentioned, I order 3 different items. From my receipt, my order is being fulfilled by 3 separate vendors. So far, I received one of my items from (a power strip). The funny part is that my item from
  10. T announced free membership today

    Hmm.. jet is interesting. I took advantage of free shipping over $35, and $10 off $35 for first time customer. I figure I give it a shot, not much to love. I just placed an order for a few household things that I was originally going to order from Amazon. I placed and order for 3 types of...
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    LG 34UM57 IPS Monitor $369 from BuyDig.

    Nice post. The initial price is same as BuyDig, but then extra rebate.. not bad. Thanks for the post.
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    LG 34UM57 IPS Monitor $369 from BuyDig.

    Wow.. bump for you. Now I am tempted :) They are in NJ, so no sales tax for CA, Free shipping, and no rebate to deal with. Very nice. - Ton
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    [Project] Silverstone TJ07 @ EnergyTeam

    Very nice start!! TJ07 mods are always fun to watch. Keep it going!!
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    Intel i7 5557u NUC - $399 @frys

    hmmm... this seems very interesting. I wonder if it will hackintosh..
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    TJ07's top fan vent is terrible

    Wow.. 15C? That is a lot. Are we talking like 75c to 60c? The top of a stock tj07 has (2) 120 fans behind a dense mesh. The clodzero fan grill you shown has a really open pattern, but doesn't appear to have any fan mounts. I am just curious what the before and after configuration. Either...