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  • Hi Tim
    The MSI "Choose Your Destiny" Ad is blocking the forum and a few other links on the main HardOCP page. I had to use alternate methods of accessing the forum.
    I am receiving harassing messages in my personal notifications from AnonymousUser. I believe this is in retaliation for my reporting of an argument between him and another user, and this thread being closed:


    I've asked him to desist and he's continued to send me messages. I can forward the messages in question to you if you like.
    I wish for my account be deleted immediately. I no longer wish to participate in discussions on the forum.
    The link in the front page news Quakecon hacked seems to be tainted. I clicked the link then was directed to Blues news for a second and the that fake scan bullshit popped up and then MSE detected a trojan. Please remove the link. Thanks
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