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    will any 4xxx series card work in triple crossfire?

    yes crossfire looking at this asus mobo (which could do quad)
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    will any 4xxx series card work in triple crossfire?

    I have 2 gigabyte 4670 cards right now both got given to me for free from a friend who upgraded to a 4870x2 I have a old p4 system that I'm finally going to upgrade I'm going with a Phenom x4 9550 and I have been looking at SLI mobo's and most of the ones that have the features I want...
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    De-activating XP sp2 to change product key (WGA issues)

    I have a nice IBM thinkcenter I bought from a local (off lease) it came with XP pro on it, I setup the computer for my wife with the usual software she wanted and left town for x-mas with my side of the family about a week ago. She attempted to do windows updates and it failed...
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    Solid 19" LCD?

    I just picked up a nice IBM 19" from a local ebay seller $75 with no dead pixels and a very bright display 8ms refresh has proved really good for playing stalker, half life 2 and quake 4 on my p4 3.2HT system (running 1280x1024 on a 4670) if this is just something for a few months buy...
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    ati 4670 vs nvidia 9600GT

    These are the 2 cards in my price range of $120-140Australian The 9600GT runs for $20 more than the ATI (both are Asus branded) Is either leaps and bounds better or worse than the other? I'm into Crysis, Halo2, Doom3, Quake4 and basically most of the games that came out 2 years ago...
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    time to replace the dual athlon MP desktop

    yeah its just maybe a bit old....:( 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc everything, coding, gaming, DV editing etc 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $600usd all inclusive 3) Where do you live? cold and bitter wisconsin...
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    How do I upgrade a Ximeta Netdisk?

    The enclosure will support running a Rom Drvie I ended up doing this to get some data onto an IBM x30 with a dead USB port a couple of months ago. (desperatism is the mother of invention :p ) I modded mine with a 40mm fan cut a hole on the aluminium top (in the middle of the X) and...
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    Screwed by Seagate ......Suggestions?

    Best way to go. However some bits of info for you The RMA work in america for seagate is actualy done by Jabil Global Services 5700 South International Pkway Suite A McAllen TX 78503 1-800-468-3472 Here is exactly what has happened the person in india created a RMA number when the...
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    APC Smart-UPS 3000 problems

    I have a 3U rackmount version of the smart-ups 3000 I rescued it from being thrown out from the grain mill down the road from me a month ago. I put new batteries into it a week ago the unit itself works very well 12min runtime with a 1500watt load or nearly an hour with my desktop + 21" crt...
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    The [H]ard Forum Terabyte Club - READ first post before posting

    I would like to know how many belong to the 10TB club :)
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Yes, many 2. Yes, but they cant be expected to survive the wash&dry cycle 3. Yes, 4 sitting in front of me to go back to seagate this week 4. Yes 5. No, (backups = no losses) 6. Yes
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    What's up with my LCD?

    first ask for 3 things 1. What is the exact damage 2. What do they think the damage was caused by in specific 3. How can they prove #2 was not a design defect Always be poliete and very firm, do not use any fowl launguage Do not take no for an answer ask for a supervisor if they still...
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    Hard Drive placement Questions

    yes you can most internal sata adapters do not support hot swap so you will always have to make sure the HD is on and plugged in before turning the computer on you will also have length issues because sata really doesn't want cable length's over 24" a usb2 or FW800 enclosure would give you...
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    External Storage Options?

    Buy a hd and get This enclosure It is one of the few ones that is quiet and has a built in fan to keep the HD within 5F of room temperature I have 6 of them total now for all of my external HD's 400GB Drives are running about $230 300GB Drives are running about $125 200GB Drives are running...