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    Brothers - A tale of two sons...FTW.

    Just got around to this one after picking it up on the Steam summer sale. What an excellent little game! Only took around 1,5-2 hours to get through, but damn, they don't make them like this anymore. Saw it had some awesome reviews before I got it for next to nothing on sale, but it's worth...
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    Is it really worth buying a high end gaming rig any more?

    I couldn't be bothered reading all the posts, but I call attention troll on this one, no offence. Seriously, it's like going to an automotive forum and telling everyone their toys/hobby/time-waster babies (i.e. cars) are dumb, because the bus is easier and cheaper and more eco-friendly. I...
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    Tomb Raider = A real gem

    Amen brother - I got it on the Steam sale too and have been having a blast the last couple of days. Great game!
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    So is this the new way to buy games now?

    Patience is indeed a virtue here - I've spent nickels & dimes on the Steam sale this week for games released at premium prices mere months ago. There is no need to buy Day 1 (or even Month 1) anymore, what with driver issues, wonky content needing patching, etc. I find waiting a bit gives a...
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    Spank your iPad...

    Will wonders never cease? I dropped my iPad 2 about a foot off the couch a couple of days ago and the screen died. It landed on a soft carpet right on its side, not even a hard fall. It seemed like everything else was working, the screen just went black and I was dreading a hefty repair or...
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    10 yrs since

    Those were good times - the build-up, delays and leaked code. Doom 3 was OK, but the monster closet approach killed it a bit. Along comes HL2 and it was awesome after all the build-up. Half-life has always been about the story-telling and atmosphere, which it had in spades. And then Far Cry...
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    Anyody remember blade of darkness?

    Aaahahaha - no way man, I installed it 2 days ago again! I haven't played it yet, but there are fixes for getting it to work on Win7, just Google it. The game fecking rocks, even though it's old. I've wasted many hours on this one over the years. The Barbarian is the way to go, but the amazon...
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    So what's the verdict on Watch Dogs?

    :D - ooooh, that says a lot! I guess I'll wait for the Steam bargain bin to stock this one. Damn Steam, just bought Dead Space 1 & 2 for the backlog. Played about 10 mins so far - damn, the controls suck in DS1, but the atmosphere looks pretty decent so far.
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    So what's the verdict on Watch Dogs?

    Hehehe - you put a grin on my face with this one. Seems like this one belongs in the 'Steam sale' category. Damnit, another one for the growing backlog.
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    I Need Some Game Recommendations!

    Dude, welcome back! Went through the same thing last year - there's some good stuff around. Check out Bioshock Infinite. Loads of fun and interesting story. I found it better than the first one. I also had an absolute blast with Far Cry 3. And Crysis 1-3. For shits & giggles, try Mark of The...
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    So what's the verdict on Watch Dogs?

    So having read the thread on WD, I was hoping to get a snapshot of your thoughts at the moment:
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    Ever just quit a game out of extreme boredom?

    Batman Arkham Asylum. I was looking for something new and the reviews said it tastes like Nutella. Got most of the way through until the fight with Joker, then promptly lost interest and never returned. Apparently the follow-ups are great, but I haven't been inspired to check them out...
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    What kind of chair do you use for your gaming pc?

    Bloody hell! Real men kneel on grits when they game. On a cold floor. In a drafty room. In the dark...
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    Good FPS PC Games?

    I loved FC3 - dropped a lot of hours on that one. If you can run all the eye candy, it's really pretty and I thought the gunplay was great.
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    Your latest videogame purchase

    God bless the Steam sales for me too. Despite a healthy backlog, I finally bought Max Payne 3 and promptly lost all interest in Batman (the first one, honestly, what was all the fuss about?)