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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    Still in stock this morning from AMD Canada Shop. $1068 Shipped. Already have one coming in from Newegg Canada shipped from California.
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    New - Zotac AMP Extreme Edition GTX 970!

    I think the LED lights on the front face of the card are pointless bling since you will never be able to look at it directly with the card(s) inserted into the mobo. Unlike the G1 and MSI with LED on the top side which is always visible and observable with a see through case side panels.
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    PC Prices 15 Years Ago Today

    I still have the 15" Sony Trinitron monitor and use it when I'm working with my FAH farm 1U stacks with a KVM switch. Stills works fine.
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    I'll buy that for a Dollar

    Aren't their laws against vandalizing our currency :confused: [IMG][/I
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    Radeon 5850 Availabilty

    Give the Egg a week and I am confident there will be plenty of HD 5850 stock and more variety of brands if the current HD 5870 situation is a baseline.
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    Who is planning on using 3 monitors with their 5870?

    I wanted the 3rd monitor to have as close as possible the same quality screen and technology as my other two. Even at that I am having a hard time getting the new Acer LCD to calibrate like the older two.:rolleyes:
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    Eyefinity monitor arm?

    They must have changed the arm in back or added another extension at added costs for 3 x 24"
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    Who is planning on using 3 monitors with their 5870?

    I have had 2 older Acer 1680x1050 TN LCDs now for 2.5 years so I just bought a 3rd. Good enough.
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    Eyefinity monitor arm?

    Depends what you are looking for? The one I bought from amazon was inexpensive but limited in the sense that it will fit a MAX 3 x 22" Wide screen LCDs but at a cost to flexibility. the flexible arms are totally stretched out so I can't really curve/tilt in the outside panels at all. Still for...
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    Nvidia GT300 "Fermi" PICS!!!

    Totally agree. I call BS when I don't see a bare GPU chip or a bare GPU Chip on a PCB.
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    NVIDIA GPU Conference Press Conference Followup

    With an rumored initial yield of about 2% of the GT300 it's going to hurt for a while at least ;) Source
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    Who is planning on using 3 monitors with their 5870?

    Apple adapter worked fine for me with the min-DP to DP cable from CA but I too was aware of Kyle's experience and overthe weekend also bought a Dell adapter for $70 ( Dell 15% coupon + Bing Cashback). I was able to test both (Apple and Dell Bizlink) yesterday and they were interchangeable...
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    Radeon 5850 Availabilty

    looks more like either Newegg anticipated or all early adopters jumped on the HD 5870 bandwagon so much so as to weaken initial demand for the HD 5850. I chose to go with the HD 5870 mainly for the most powerful single GPU solution for 3 monitor Eyefinity. Good luck to all with their HD...
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    Radeon 5850 Availabilty

    Yup! 3rd 22" Monitor, Desk, and Triple Monitor Arm..all new. Eyefinity is glorious:D
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    So the 5870 was a "soft" launch not really for sale yet ?

    After a Week since launch all cards (7 brands of HD 5870) Now in Stock at the Egg. I would call this a successful enough launch. now let's see how well the HD 5850 do this week