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    a7n8x bios checksum error

    I gave up and ordered a refurb a7n8x from newegg for 40$. If I cant fix the old one I'll light the old one on fire.
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    a7n8x bios checksum error

    Just happened yuesterday when I rebooted Beeps and says: Award BootBlock BIOSv 1.0 Aopyright (c) 2000, Award Software, INC. BIOS ROM Checksum error Detecting floppy drive A media... INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER So I created a dos boot disk with awdflash.exe and...
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    Who here thinks Blizzard is the best ?

    They've set the standard for multiplayer RTS games. I dont really have much of an interest in games like WoW though.
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    RAM on fire, help.

    haha, I've set a hard drive alight by pluggin in the power connector backwards. I had shaved off the corners of a connector to run a fan at 5v, and forgot about it and several months later put it in the HDD, backwards, when I was installing more RAM. I had the case off when I started it and...
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    FarCry vs Half Life 2 : which is more taxing ?

    made me chuckle heartily :p :p
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    Running HL2 on an ATI 8500 128 mb

    I'll be in the same situation before too long. Would be right now if my damn car hadnt crapped out on me this weekend :p
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    OMG a HL2 thread!11 (Radeon 8500?)

    Has anybody tried playing HL2 on a Radeon 8500le or a similar old card?
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    Basic AMD64 gaming system

    What do you think about the LANPARTY UT nF3 250G?
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    Basic AMD64 gaming system

    System for a friend, he has a max 700$ budget. This is what I have no, prices from Newegg: Soltek K8an2e - 89$ Radeon 9600XT 256mg - 150$ AMD Athlon64 3000+ socket 754 - 150$ Crucial PC3200 512 - 130$ Samsung 80gb 7200rpm 61$ Generic 30$ ATX case Antec 380w - 60$ Total 612$ Any...
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    The Original Half Life

    I bought it last year. The graphics are pretty outdated, but if you give it a chance, it will suck you in and not let go untill you beat the damn thing.
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    What's the best gaming PC maker?

    Choosing the parts is the hardest part, and we can help you with that. after that, it's just plug it toegther and install Windoze.
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    Please find holes in these ideas

    You could fill the system with Everclear, and install a tap in the reserve for those late night gaming sessions...
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    If you could choose your 1 (!ONE!) favourite game....

    Another vote for Half-Life. It took about a week for me to beat, and took way too much of my time. That didnt matter though, I just HAD to get out of Black Mesa. This was easily the most immersive game I've played, and the most fun. It was also the first game to actually hold my attention...
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    Counter-strike Fast Food Video

    BEST. EVA.
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    Sims 2 is awesome

    Sim lesbos are fun.