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    tv out

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    hard drives from hell

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    9600XT prices

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    Athlon XP3200+ OC

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    DVD Ripper

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    Aspire X-Dreamer2 problems

    i have this case, and the entire front bezel will come off via soem screws in the inside of the case, the acrylic is held on with plastic pressure clips just like old video card heatsinks,. im sure u can figure it out form here.
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    Bootable Registry Repair for ME

    I tried the Me boot disk and tried scanreg on an ME boot disk, a 98 boot disk, and a DOS disk. He can't get a copy of anything else as far as i know.
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    Bootable Registry Repair for ME

    I have this friend who is running Windows ME, Athlon 900 128MB of pc133 20 gig hard drive and soem other old stuff. His registry got fucked up, and when i try to boot into windows it will jsut hang there before it gets to the login screen, but if i use the F8 menu it will tell me that...
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    why is wireless so hard?

    hey guys, i have a D-link 10/100 ethernet 4 port switch and then i bought their 802.11g wireless access point. but i cannot for the life of me get anythign to work. i am trying to connect my laptop which is a DELL Inspiron 1100 with a TRENDnet IEEE 802.11g/2.4GHz 54MBPS wireless lan card in it...
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    Unreal Engine 3 question

    allright this is very old tech. the game is called UT2004 and pretty kmuch any video card will play it. as long as you have a recent DX9 card that is.
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    Artifacts! They're everywhere!

    i think you definitly need to get a fan on that zalman before anything, thats what i did.