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    Moving up to a bigger SSD

    I know that Acronis 2010 and 2011 full versions both keep proper alignment with SSD's.
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    2TB Drive Won't Hot Swap

    That isn't the problem, my computer never sleeps. I think is must be any issue with the drive itself. Since every other sata drive I have tried has worked.
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    2TB Drive Won't Hot Swap

    Yes AHCI has been enabled since the windows install, there are two sata controllers on the motherboard so not all drives are on the same control but this shouldn't matter. I have already been able to hot-swap with the system, using the exact same sata port I am trying to use now, this is the...
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    2TB Drive Won't Hot Swap

    I just checked and the sector size for this drive is 512. So the sector size should not be the issue. Any ideas?
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    2TB Drive Won't Hot Swap

    Months ago I installed a mobile rack in my rig(computer in sig) and I love it. I have been hot-swapping sata drives to easily share large amounts of data with my friend who also has a mobile rack on his computer. I recently just purchased a Seagate ST32000542AS 2TB drive and it works fine...
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    I just had a virus, screwed with proxy settings.

    So I was just using my computer normally as always and fake anti-virus windows starting popping up out of no where and all applications were being blocked from opening. I didn't have any anti-virus or malware software installed because I hadn't contracted a virus on any of my computers in many...
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    Extract Picture From .contact File

    There is a long story as to the reason I need to do this. I have a bunch of contacts in my Windows 7 user account contacts folder in the .contact file format. Some of these contacts have pictures. I want to copy these pictures only to somewhere else as some sort of picture file format. I...
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    Flash fails in FF & IE, works with chrome

    The computer is my Sony VAIO laptop, pentium M, 1.73 Ghz, 504 MB of RAM (according to the computer properties in windows), Windows XP Home edition Flash videos have always worked fine in the past on this laptop. A couple of days ago the computer got a virus/malware called internet security...
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    Google Chrome

    The right thing to do would be to inform them of this and tell them they should set a master password.
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    Vista UAC (User Account Control) on or off???

    I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not. Is there a different free virus scanner that you prefer?
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    Vista UAC (User Account Control) on or off???

    Does UAC pop up when AVG is auto-updating? I need to know this if I am going to turn it back on.
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    PC won't post: unplugged nearything and still nothing

    Do you have a friend with a compatible motherboard in his computer that you can start testing your stuff in to narrow down the problem? If you do try ram, video card, things like this in his computer. Eventually try processor and everything else. If it all works then it's probably the...
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    New Build - DVD/SATA/ACHI Issues

    Well then can't you use the SI ports for the hard drive(s), and the Intel ports for the optical drive? Then set the SI ports to AHCI and the Intel ports to IDE
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    Vista icon rollover effect

    Is there any way to remove the highlighted box around the desktop icons when you roll the mouse of them in Vista?
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    Vista OEM Question.

    I actually changed motherboards because my old one stopped working and I also upgraded the processor as well at the same time and I didn't have to call or anything to activate, just did it over the internet.