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    Windows DNS -- possible to create record redirects user to

    Not sure exactly what you mean - it's neither a standard nor recommended, but most sites that have a CNAME for www -> root works this way. As an example, GET returns 301 found Otherwise, assuming CNAME www ->, how would the browser find the...
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    Windows DNS -- possible to create record redirects user to

    Yes, but in normal cases that is fine because the server returns a 301 or 302 moved with the correct hostname. Google simply chooses to direct every "unusual" URI to for whatever reason.
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    Confused on bulk cat5e cable diameter

    EZ plugs don't work so well with larger solid cable - there's a chart on their website if you need to know about a specific match, but 23awg is the limit with most brands of cable. The very thin cat5 you're talking about gets used in a lot of places that rely on outsourced/contracted cable...
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    Block NAT on the network?

    Err...what I was trying to say is that NAT is not causing the problem. The bad DNS registrations are coming from Netbios. Netbios was never intended to work with NAT, and makes the (stupid) assumption that Netbios names uniquely identify network interfaces.
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    Windows DNS -- possible to create record redirects user to

    You can see that it won't work: nslookup Non-authoritative answer: Name: Addresses: 2607:f8b0:4006:802::1006 Aliases: telnet 80 GET http://images/ HTTP/1.1 HTTP/1.1 302 Found Location...
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    Block NAT on the network?

    AFAIK this problem comes about when your DHCP server does not have the correct settings for WINS Netbios lookup, but insecure DNS registrations (NetBIOS responses) are permitted and: 1)perr-to-peer NetBIOS-over-tcp (broadcast) lookup traffic is permitted on the local subnet -or- 2)ip gateway...
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    Moving from L2 to L3 with a Cisco core

    Since you are using static routes, there should be no problem with giving the server a new IP address and creating a static NAT entry on the router for building VLAN40. This will give you time to fix anything that uses the old, overlapping IP address.
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    Crazy troubleshooting problem - any ideas?

    Might have been solved by disabling "Memory remapping" in BIOS (I'm assuming that it was enabled). Possibly some remnants of the old Intel PCI driver were having issues with the GPU memory above 4GB. If "memory remapping" was disabled, you made a booboo. Another possibility is that an old...
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    Understanding what a patch panel does...

    The problem is that while you can buy connectors for solid wire, there's no such thing as a "universal" solid connector. The wire gauge and external diameter of solid ethernet cables varies considerably. If you try different cables with the same connector, you will inevitably find that some...
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    Two forests: Trusts and DNS question

    By default, authorization is not required for machine name queries. Your DNS servers should respond to anyone and everyone, as will machines on the same subnet. DNS in AD is not sufficient for machine name lookup unless you've specifically configured every service to use full DNS names instead...
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    Netflix CEO To Step Down From Microsoft's Board

    I, like a lot of people, am extremely confused about Silverlight. Can you please clarify: 1. Is Microsoft planning to kill .net&silverlight, either on the mobile platform or the desktop? 2. If not, why did Microsoft feel the need to convey the impression that it was going to kill...
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    Apple: iPhone 5 Defect “Normal”

    EVERY digital camera has purple or green fringing in high-contrast areas. Here is a long tutorial on fixing purple fringing: As you can see, many of those images were taken with expensive DSLRs and...
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    Apple: iPhone 5 Defect “Normal”

    Good reason to upgrade to Lightroom 4.1 - you can apply global purple defringing in autodevelop mode and then touch up any tricky spots left in individual photos with the local defringing color dropper (a really nice tool - when you click a pixel it gives you a 2D chart of surrounding tones to...
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    Need help with Layer 2 Switch

    Give me a break...there are like 50 different ways to wire a serial cable and no one has them all.
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    OnLive Has Bit The Dust?

    I could not disagree more. The ability to play any game and get a full Windows desktop while enjoying 8+ hours of battery life on a compact notebook or tablet was a huge innovation. We both know that in five or ten years, pretty much everyone will be doing their computing through a service just...