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    Disney Completes Fox Acquisition

    And here I thought the future of media would be controlled by ABCNNBCBS. Who'd ever thought it would be Disney?
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    Microsoft Criticizes FCC Broadband Report

    I don't need the speed, so if they sold the 12mb/s at $12/month, I'd jump on it.
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    File Abnormality Causes Duplicate Tax Refunds

    You over pay on your taxes by mistake, they take their sweet time giving it back. They over pay you, they want it back yesterday.
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    A "Server Misconfiguration" Was Behind the Facebook Outage

    FB goes down for 14 hrs, people freak out. FB gets into trouble for selling data, which is how they make money, people freak out.
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    Facebook is Under Criminal Investigation for Data Sharing Practices

    People give up personal data to a data mining company in return to use said company's product. The data mining company in turn sells the data to a 3rd party to make money, and now someone is upset. Am I missing something here?
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    Intel Teases Its New Intel Graphics UI

    Ooooooooooo. A GUI!
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    Warframe Operation: Buried Debts Is Now Live

    Is it wearing a bra on the outside of the suit kind of like Superman's red underwear?
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    The Shadow Robot Company Makes a Telerobotic Hand

    Does it feel like someone else's hand or your own?
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    ZDNet Analyzes the Windows 10 Update Schedule

    Sounds like a strand of the flu
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    The "Bones" Ruling Exposes Corporate Greed in the Streaming Era

    And all this time I thought it was going to end up being one huge media company called CNNBCBS. Instead it'll be Disney and Comcast
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    Volvo Reveals the New Polestar 2 Electric Performance Vehicle

    I have no place to use 400+HP. So something with 150HP and 500 miles range would suit me better.
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    Kalashnikov Makes an Explosive Suicide Drone

    So...a non-rocket guided missile?
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    Samsung Unveils a Folding Smartphone

    Holy shit! Its a phone!
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    Google Might Announce a Game Streaming Platform Next Month

    It'll get canceled, just like majority of Google's projects
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    Visa, Mastercard Mull Increasing Fees for Processing Transactions

    Why make billions when you can make trillions.