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    noblechairs HERO Series Office and Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    I bought an Ergohuman chair years ago based on your recommendation and absolutely love it so thanks for your bourbon-tinged furniture reviews. Would you replace your Ergo with the HERO?
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    For Sale, Check it out! Wedding fund!

    Willing to sell z77 and RAM separately?
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    Heavy Breathing

    Heavy Breathing
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    CLOSED: X79 motherboard

    Request fulfilled. Yay!
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    EVGA Hybrid 980 Ti $689.99 at Amazon w/Prime

    Amazon currently has the EVGA Hybrid 980 Ti 6GB video card plus closed-loop water-cooler for $689.99 and eligible for Prime. P/N is 06G-P4-1996-KR. Jet has the same price but it's Jet. Pretty good deal IMO. EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB HYBRID GAMING, "All in One" No Hassle Water...
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    CLOSED: X79 motherboard

    Pending pick up - thanks all!
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    CLOSED: X79 motherboard

    Bumpity... still hopeful.
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    CLOSED: X79 motherboard

    Looking for an X79 motherboard, either ATX or mATX. I have an Ivy Bridge E CPU that I want to use in a build for my kids but my old DX79SI gave up the ghost. Thanks!
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    We're Heading Straight For AOL 2.0

    Keyword: indeed
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    Bestest build quality out there!
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    NASA TV to Show SpaceX Resupply Mission to ISS June 28

    Set your calendar if you like to watch rockets blast off. On 6/28 beginning at 0900 Eastern Time, NASA TV is starting coverage of a resupply mission to the International Space Station.
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    Automated Vehicles Will Watch the Road and You

    We're approaching an interesting crossroads in self-driving car development, where the question shifts from "Can we?" to "Should we?" This article takes a look at some of those challenges and how driver monitoring technology will influence the discussion.
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    ESA Philae Comet Lander Back in Contact with Earth

    Remember the European Space Agency’s Philae comet lander that went dark last year? Well, it’s baaaaaack and talking to Earth again. If only my phone was smart enough to renegotiate its connection when it gets stuck on 3G and LTE becomes available.
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    Data Mining Steam Reveals Useful Trends for Game Developers

    If you're curious about how PC gaming is doing on Valve's Steam platform, give this article a read. It summarizes the data seen by the Steam Spy tool, which is based on techniques developed by Ars Technica's Steam Gauge project.
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    Kitchen Tech that Might Make Cooking a Little Easier

    Engadget has a gallery up that shows some of their favorite kitchen tech, released or not. I know there are quite a few culinary technologists out there so feel free to share your favorites in the comments, won't cha?