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    FS: G34 Items

    Hi mate, Would you be willing to ship the ram to Aus? (I'll pay for shipping of course!). Does the memory boot automatically with those timings, or is there fiddling needed first to get it to boot on an IL system? Thanks heaps :)
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    Potential 2P G34 setup option possibly extended to [H] members

    I don't suppose anyone trustworthy on here would have the ability to buy one or two of these boards for me and ship it to Aus? I have a couple of big server cases, PSU's, plenty of ram and 4x 6172's doing nothing so this might be a good spot for them.
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    Hit a WCG (World Community Grid) milestone? Post it here:

    20Mill in WCG. Need to get my opteron machine up and running still!
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    Hit a WCG (World Community Grid) milestone? Post it here:

    Awesome milestones guys! Keep up the good work :D
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    Molex question

    Yah, sounds like a bad contact. Increased resistance = heat. A lot of those cheap adapters use thin wires and the connectors aren't the best.
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    Help with 4p opteron shutting down

    Sorry for the late reply! That's dissapointing if that's the case with mine too. But luckily I have all the studs from the current 212 heatsinks that I can reuse if need be :)
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    After the issues/drama with f@h and bigadv a lot of people gave up. It's still a little active but unfortunately won't be like it was.
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    Drool on this, gents. Too bad it won't stay at 100%... and I can't keep it!

    Awesome!! Love big core machines :D. That would be at least 50% faster than my IL 64 core opteron machine. Run it for as long as you can :D.
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    Hit a WCG (World Community Grid) milestone? Post it here:

    Congratz everyone, some massive milestones here! :D
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    World Community Grid

    Woo! go team :D
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    Help with 4p opteron shutting down

    Thanks for the suggestion grandpa, but unfortunately now that the whole board is dead I have no idea what else would need replacing as well as the CPU socket. Also the shipping costs would probably kill the value :( New board arrived yesterday! Another H8QGi+-f. Currently load testing it...
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    Vote: DC'er of the Month: July 2015

    Keeper of the bees!!