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    The Original Xbox’s Oversized “Duke” Controller Returns This March

    I disagree that the Duke was in any way ridiculous, aside from the "lol hueg" meme that still surrounds it. I'll be buying this.
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    Is Technology About to Decimate White-Collar Work?

    It only makes sense if you have no idea how the money distributed as UBI is to be generated by the reduced workforce. (Hint: it doesn't, therefore it can't.)
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    AT&T, Comcast Say GOP Tax Bill Will Mean $1,000 Bonuses for Employees

    This is literally not how taxes work. Debt is the result of a spending problem, not the result of a taxation problem. The national debt skyrocketed under the tax rates you are defending. If they worked, why did the debt massively increase? Stop being wrong.
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    The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality

    No, it did not exist as a regulation with the force of law. The concept of net neutrality is quite dissimilar from the regulation that was just removed.
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    The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality

    This wasn't happening in 2015 before Title II extended to ISPs, it won't happen now. The Internet got more censorious, and therefore worse, after NN was enacted. Also, legally speaking, NN is something that Congress needs to pass, not something that the FCC should unilaterally regulate.
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    The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality

    These days, that is probably a sign of doing something correct.
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    Net Neutrality Protests Move Online, Yet Big Tech Is Quiet

    Net Neutrality has always been a solution in search of a problem. If anything, the Internet is more censorious and worse off than it was before NN was enacted. Get rid of it.
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    Hellblade Proves There’s “A Space Between Indie and AAA Games”

    People didn't know there was a gap between AAA and mobile/budget? Come on. Not every game is an AAA game, and not every non-AAA game is some bargain bin piece of garbage. NieR: Automata is a fantastic example of what a non-AAA title can be.
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    Switch, Super NES Classic Lead to 19% Growth in U.S. Spending on Consoles

    No. You also can't get the same amount of games at the same price as the SNES Classic.
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    Bethesda: Fan Criticisms Won’t Define What We Do

    And, in general, they are correct to think this. Most fan complaints do not make sense and can be safely disregarded. In Bethesda's case, however, there's a distinct danger in watering down and simplifying series for greater mass consumption. I don't think anyone believes Fallout 4 was better...
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    Dell Is Reportedly Selling Monitors with "Fake" HDR

    Then you've missed out on some genuinely good monitors, like the S2417DG.
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    The Best Keyboard Ever Is Back

    The fetishization of keyboards beginning over the last couple of years is the most bizarre trend ever.
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    Nintendo Tries to Win E3 with a Metroid Prime 4 Logo

    Are you some sort of parody account? You cannot naturally be this dense.
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    Nintendo Tries to Win E3 with a Metroid Prime 4 Logo

    Thanks for proving you haven't played a Nintendo game in probably 15 years.
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    Nintendo Tries to Win E3 with a Metroid Prime 4 Logo

    I disagree with most of this.