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    Question about my CPU temp!!

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    Embedded Videos: One player playing multiple videos?

    anybody have any ideas on how I can embed video on my website, but have all the video links play in the same embedded video player? I know how to embed video in a webpage, but right now i have to create a webpage for each of the video links on the mainpage. I just think it would be awesome...
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    Firefox or Opera?

    Thanx for the link! I searched the entire site(all 30 pages) and didn't find it. You see, the save sessions option is the only thing that makes Opera better that firefox. Until i find that option in firefox, I am gonna have to go with Opera!
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    Firefox or Opera?

    Thats interesting, how do you actually save a session in firefox? because if firefox could do that or had that option, I would most likely switch from opera. Opera has the option to save session right in the toolbar menu. I couldn't find any option of that nature in any of the firefox menus.
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    Firefox or Opera?

    I use both , but I like opera better because of the save session features. But i was just wondering what you guys think! Which is Better FIREFOX or OPERA?
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    Your favorite WebDesign Software?

    I am in the planning phase of creating a website. And I was wondering if you guys had any ideas about any cool and interesting website design software? I have macromedia studio 7(dreamweaver,fireworks,flash,etc..) and it seems cool, but I wanted to check and see whatelse is out there. What are...
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    Connecting two 4port routers together?

    Hello, I am setting up a small network and I need an 8port router, but that cost like a hundred bucks. I was wondering if it were possible to by two 4port routers and connect them together to be used like one 8port router? Because I can by two 4port routers for like 25bucks each.
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    Removing Bootware Network Boot ROM?

    Hello, i just purchased a pentium II gateway pc from my college. it's an ok machine, but it doesn't come with an OS, so i am trying to install win2kpro. But the pc boots directly into something called Lanworks Bootware network boot ROM. and won't boot from the cd to install win2kpro. I was...
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    here's my screeny, nothin special, I like it clean.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    guess maybe then people will stop complaining about it.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    I have a gig of ram, a athlon xp 2800 and Konfabulator doesn't slow my pc down at all. Maybe they should post more specific miminum system requirements when people go to download konfabulator. Just kinda let people know that if you have a crappy system, then don't bother downloading it. Anyway...
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    Konfabulator works fine for me. :D