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    Google Is Considered A ‘School Official?’

    And yet, another reason to homeschool
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    Cord-Cutters Are Not All Young Hipsters

    I've been a cord-cutter just over a year now, and love it. OTA is awesome, even though I only get 40 channels, but that's where the internet kicks in. cut the cord = get more choices. Weird.
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    $2,700 Computer Case From China

    Now that the pics are out there. How long will it be before somebody builds one, themselves, and make it look better? Probably not long. (wish I had the skills)
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    Android Car Audio help

    I use a Sony DSX-S310BTX. Not sure of the price since I won it in a raffle at a car audio shop. Pairs up with my phone, which is android 4.2, real nice. The headunit also has a tray in it for things liek ipods, ipads, and such, but I have a 16gig usb drive in it. Love the headunit. I can...
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    Google Fiber Is Coming to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham

    One day, in the near future, I might be able to have Google Fiber in my city. I know it will eventually happen, but it's not happening fast enough. Google, or somebody, needs to put At&T, comcrap, and others, in their rightful place.
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    New Microsoft Windows 10 Preview

    I decided to give the new build a try. My system was on windows 7 ultimate before I tried this. I went to the tech preview website and downloaded a file that was something like 10k (give or take a little). When I ran this file the windows update thing loaded. From there everythign was done...
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    Comcast Is Investigating a Customer Service Call From Hell

    I just went through almost the same type of call a couple weeks ago. I decided to cut the cable tv and phone service, but keep the internet (until I can find a faster service in my area). They kept giving me the run around and tried real hard to not give me what I wanted. They kept adding...
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    Why the New Website Is Going to Work This Time

    Have not signed up for it. Will not sign up for it. It's still going to be a sham. The whole idea, from the start, was a sham. It will never work the way they want it to and will be a perfect place for thieves to get info. Nope, won't do it.
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    New York Looking to Regulate 3D Printed Firearms

    I own a few guns and do not "plan" to use them to kill anybody, unless they 1) break into my personal property, 2) attempt harm to me or my loved ones, 3) attempt harm to others in public places.
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    Ubuntu 13.10 May Ditch Firefox for Chromium

    I don't understand the Chrome Hype either. I tried it.. It sucked. Went back to FF. Is Ubuntu going to turn into GoogleOS?
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    Google+ Games Going Away On June 30

    It's been such a long time that I've been to Google+, I didn't even now it had games. And yea, FB would be 10% better without the games.
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    Microsoft Pulls Security Update

    A flaw in a patch from Microsoft? Say it ain't so. And they are breaking their track record. Usually they put out a patch, then a week or two later put out another patch to patch the first patch, and so on.
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    Google Fiber Coming to Austin?

    Wish they'd hurry and get to Jax, FL.
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    Just How Much Do People Hate Windows 8?

    I can't say I hate it as it allows me to do everything I want or need to do without too many problems. I dislike the UI and think they could have done a better job with it.
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    The Federal Reserve Hacked

    Hack the Federal Reserve. It doesn't belong to the United States anyways. It's only a privately owned company. Shut it down.