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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    I'll upgrade my gaming rig so I'm not using hand me down hardware.
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    Combating Piracy By Narrowing Theatrical Release Window

    Were you really upset that all of the blockbuster video stores closed as Netflix gained in popularity? If they offered same day release of new films, I'd pay full price just for the convenience of not having to drive to a crappy theater and deal with annoying patrons. It's not about...
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    PayPal Tells Buyer To Destroy Violin Instead Of Returning It

    Paypal's policy has always been to protect the buyer, not the seller. While they are generally fine for smaller transactions, the lesson here is use an escrow service for anything valuable because people are dishonest and Paypal will never side with the seller in any legal dispute.
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    I just built a rig but am still using my old, slow drives.
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    Enermax Platimax 850W Drawing!!!!!!!!!!

    I really want a ETD-T60 since I'm back to using a stock cooler after having to return the Corsair H60 I was going to use. I haven't seen an actual performance review yet but it sounds great.
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    I've been using Corsair forever cause it's very dependable, quality memory.
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    Apple Earbuds and Static Electricity

    The only reason it is news is because of Apple's market dominance of MP3 players. This is going to happen with any earbuds due to static electricity. I've experienced it with several movels of Sony as well as my current Vmodas. The sony were mostly plastic and rubber while these are metal and...
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    etching work

    I love it. If you want to cut out something like that in the future, you can do it by flipping the pattern and cutting from the inside of the panel using a thin cut off wheel. For curved lines, only cut through the metal enough so you can keep a thin clean line showing on the outside face. From...
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    Red Dragon Case [pics]

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    DIY Window Etching

    I've used 2 methods. In either case mask off the window with 2 or more layers of masking tape and cut out the are to be etched with an x-acto knife. From there you can either sandblast the plexiglas or simply sand the area with medium and then fine sandpaper, clean off the dust, then spray it...
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    Red Dragon Case [pics]

    crud...I contacted my web host to get it resolved. Should be fixed in a few hours. Sorry. I edited the first post to point to a temp host.
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    Red Dragon Case [pics]

    I just finished my new dragon case last week and wanted to praise xoxide for all of their help. None of this would be possible without the superior customer service of Jason at To stave off some of the questions, here's a brief description. I began with a sketch of a red...
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    window etching

    I'll have a how-to guide with in progress pics up on in a few days.
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    window etching

    I favor sandblasting. However, since I've moved, I've lost access to such equipment. For my most recent case, I tried frosted glass spraypaint. I had masked it all off and cut out the area I wanted frosted with an exacto. The end result was a bit spotty and uneven. I went over the whole thing...