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    Simple Backup NAS machine

    I might have been looking for an excuse to play with hardware again ;) . If not that then it was for trying something new. If anything this shows TIMTOWTDI and we got some good responses and reasoning for them. Also I didn't realize it but some similar ideas were also posted in the following...
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    Simple Backup NAS machine

    I'm also interested in seeing SATA drive power connections for a system using a PICOpsu or equivalent as I've got several of the ~230W laptop bricks. I have another machine using a DC-DC power supply from HDplex but I'm not sure how much the 5v SATA is rated for especially with 4+ drives. I'll...
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    Simple Backup NAS machine

    The more I look at some of the pre-built stuff again I'm thinking this might be another viable option. For some reason I had the impression that ~400-500 was the starting point for pre-built enclosures which would make this cheaper but for the simplicity that I'm looking for in this one there...
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    Simple Backup NAS machine

    Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think I'm interested in BackBlaze at the moment. I'd rather not be tied to a service, unless you were thinking of a different use model. I put together a microATX option with intel lan and 1151 socket board. About 30-40 more but still within budget ballpark...
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    Simple Backup NAS machine

    I'm looking to making a basic NAS for offsite backups. Something simple that I can leave at someone else's house and use it as backup for the NAS I keep at home. (They could also do the same with me and we'd be colo NAS buddies ;)) Anyways, I already have one of the Synology boxes with a few...
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    Mixed Mode CDs (audio+data)

    Yeah I knew it was possible and I remember old discs that had it but I was concerned the method for making them might have been hard to find. Hence posting here for others and in case someone remembered a better way. As an update I made about 11 or so disks and they all seem to work fine. It...
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    Mixed Mode CDs (audio+data)

    I'm posting some notes on creating mixed mode CDs since I wasn't easily able to find the information I was looking for and it seemed like most of the old CD burning articles from the web aren't around anymore (15 years is pretty long in internet time). Anyways I had some 74 year old records...
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    Power Reduction -> Cooler GPU temperature (no more toasting bagels on the fan exhaust) Noise Reduction -> Large heatsink + open slow turning large fans = Less noise (and postponement of Tinnitus). Performance increase -> Self explanitory (we'll let you do the comparisons) DX11 (When it...
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    Lower profile air cooler on par with H80/Kuhler920?

    Thanks for the Noctua suggestion, I looked at some of theirs and the NH-U9B SE2 seems to be the only side flow one that is short enough. However it seems like it doesn't have quite the performance (surface area) of the larger air coolers to compete with the entry level water coolers. Thanks for...
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    Lower profile air cooler on par with H80/Kuhler920?

    I'm building a SFF mini-ITX system and am debating between a Corsair H80/Antec Kuhler 920 or air cooler. I only have room in the case (custom) for a heat sink that is 145mm or shorter in height (board is ASRock Z77E-ITX so width is ~100mm depending on heatsink offsets). For airflow...
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    Duke Nukem Forever Gone Gold

    After all those years... Curious if they will include any copies of all the previous work done on the project. I'd like to see how many different versions/engines they went through to get here.
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    Triple 42” 1080P TVs + Car = [H] Gaming

    Nice coincidence. Would you actually use the sound from the car stereo? All you need is a wireless hookup for your wheel and pedals and your set :)
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    Here is my gravity defying network Modem on the left (bottom) DSL filter and phone bridge in between switch and modem plus TV splitter box in the foreground. The machine on the right is a m0n0wall PIII box (good small form factor) The one think I like about this setup is that I can...
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    Free 32MB Flash Drive

    Cool, I have been waiting for this again. Might want to de-parse the link so that it does not go as fast as the last one
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    PStwo + car

    I agree that that third option is pretty tempting due to the price and the fact that it was specifically designed with the PS2 in mind. That datasheet from Linear was pretty funny at page 12, I didn't realize that the writer could get away with that. There is some good information on what can...