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    Amp problems, help please.

    the problem is that one if the internal silicon amps is defective, logitech has been having lots of problems with the z-560's. your best bed is to buy new speakers, it's gonna cost you more to get it fixed to buy a new pair of speakers. One option, is to replace the chip yourself and that could...
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    Looking for someone with logitech z-560 speakers

    my friend already has his new speakers, they didn't send him the same ones. he got the next level up, because i guess loigitech has been having a bunch of problems with the speakers i have now.
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    Looking for someone with logitech z-560 speakers

    you know, i would take one apart if i had it, sadly, my friend had to send it back to logitch so he could get speakers to replace the old ones. In the first place i wouldn't need to take the controller apart to make a new one if i already had one.
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    [H]ard people in MA?

    hey all I live in Western Mass, Great Barrington to be exact. At school At WPI, overall great school, lackinging in the female department though... I'm 19
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    Looking for someone with logitech z-560 speakers

    Hey, i was wondering if any one had the z-560 speakers. I am in need of a schematic of the z-560 control box. If someone would be willing to take theirs apart and either take really good pictures of the circuit board for me or if they have the knowledge to create a schematic that would be even...
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    Where can i buy a logitech control unit and sub for the z560's?

    i was wondering the same thing... i have the logitech z-560's with the blown amp. I opened up the amp and figured out that i could probably fix it, on of the onboard semiconductors is blown. The only thing is, logitech took the control pod, I was wondering if anyone could get ahold of one or if...