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    [H]ot Microcenter 8320E $99.99 + $40 off a board...

    FYI Your first link points to the Riverbed support site.
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    Wireless Keyboard & mouse for gaming HTPC?

    I use the K340 in conjunction with the G7. I haven't had any interference and my wireless router is right next to HTPC. The only downside with the G7 is having to quick change a battery in the middle of a game, with practice I can quick change the battery/mag in under a second just in time to...
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    Hurt Locker Makers To Sue Thousands of BitTorrent Users

    the real crime was at the end of the film Jeremy Renner left Evangeline Lily to go defuse more bombs...
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    FREE Google Wave (11)

    YHPM :)
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    Massive Supercomputer to Manage Nuclear Stockpile

    I was wondering how many posts would be put up before I saw a "War Games" quote, well done sir. Oh and "Would you like to play a game?"
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    First thoughts of my new iPod Touch.

    FYI works seamlessly as a web messenger for iphone/itouch for gtalk, yahoo, icq, msn, jabber and aim users. if you register with meebo you can log into all your accounts automatically.
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

    I used this one thanks
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    xeon x3210 for $225! cheap quad core

    I just got mine today, yes it is a B3 but 3.4 @ 1.38v isn't terrible. 3.6 is reachable with tweaking. Primed no problem with stock vcore till about 3.1. For 240 bucks not too bad.
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    xeon x3210 for $225! cheap quad core

    Mine gets here Friday, I'll try and remember to post results and stepping info.
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    Abit 680i $100 dollar NewEgg rebate...

    I have it, loved it, don't need SLI so I'm gonna sell it. But really its an awesome board, first ABIT board I have owned since the NF7-S and both of em were great :)
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    Lian-Li V1200 question

    The PA120.2 will perform on par with either the MCR320 or the GT 360.
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    Lian-Li V1200 question

    I guess I was going off these numbers, I have owned a HW Labs Stealth GT (2x120mm) and currently own a 2 HW Labs GTX (2x120mm) while the density of fins technically "cool" better in theory it also creates more fan noise depending on fan RPM. The MCR/Cooltek has a less dense fin configuration and...
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    Lian-Li V1200 question

    Yes, I'm certainly curious about the PA120.3 as well. Also depending on your system the GT's will cut flow compared to other rad's I would definitely recommend an MCR320 over a stealth anyday.
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    It's here!! DFI Infinity P965-S

    Heres the reply I got from DFI San Jose Thank U for inquiry DFI product ! 1)DFI P965S was “SOLD OUT” / Next Shipment ETA: Around 5/10 2)It was for “Announcement Promotion with Limited Quantity” and this program was CLOSED OUT already ! BR Truly’ William / DFI –SJ X 137
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    Far Cry64 on Vista64 HDR Settings?

    You mean this?