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    Fake fan tach signal?

    My issue: "Alert - Rear Fan Failure" when BIOS starts up the PC. I looked online, and found out my Optiplex 755 is supposed to have a 5.25 inch hard drive fan enclosure ("Dell NH645 HDD Caddy"), with a oddball 12V 0.36A fan called "AVC model BN06015B12H". I tried to find the RPM everywhere, but...
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    24' Gaming Monitor $200-300

    What I have right now is; Samsung XL2370, it's a "Professional" 23-inch LCD TN with 2ms. I want to buy a new (single) monitor so I can have dual monitors. I want the following; $200-300 price range. A good deal. (price/performance, and/or promotions?) Speakers built-in, or can be attached to...