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    ASUS Z97-A does not POST with intel PCIe SSD installed

    An update: I have found a forum post explaining what is going on here: Intel P3600/P3700 and ASRock Extreme6 / Z97 chipset fixes Basically, the SSD has SPD data at the same address as one or two of the RAM banks, and that confuses the board as the board queries all PCIe and ram banks for...
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    ASUS Z97-A does not POST with intel PCIe SSD installed

    I wanted to upgrade my system with a PCIe SSD (Intel P3600). However, the system will not POST when the SSD is installed in the second PCIe x 16 slot. (Also when it is in the first or in the third, but I think the third is only x1 or x2) I am using the latest BIOS (2801), and have a NVMe...
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    AVG Security Toolbar Vulnerability Puts IE Users At Risk

    Not exactly surprising, their email / network security module drops random packets of random TCP/IP connections and they aren't fixing it.
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    Nuclear Launch Code at US Silos Was 00000000

    Can't find edit, but the linked article even mentions it being known since 2004.
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    Nuclear Launch Code at US Silos Was 00000000

    This has been known for years.
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    Same Day Delivery Not A Priority For Online Shoppers

    Here in Germany standard delivery is usually 1-2 days, 3 at max, and I'm fine with waiting a day or two for anything that's low priority enough that I order it online.
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    New Technology Should Be Presumed Illegal Until Gov Says Otherwise

    So first congress says the US needs more innovation, and then this... good thinking
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    Ubuntu 12.04 vs. Windows 7: Intel Loses On Linux

    So sandy bridge GPU was faster under linux, the windows driver has improved faster than the linux driver, and now is faster. This doesn't make the linux driver worse than before, so who cares?
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    april 30th fools by wife

    I've had a CPU go up to 101C when some gunk got stuck in the pins of my CPU block after returning from a lan, its possible to have it not shutdown. CPU still works fine 3 years later as well.
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    I just built my first watercooling and I'm wery worried :(

    Flip the pump upside down then rotate it by 90 degrees, so basicly have it standing on the end then you can get rid of alot of bends.
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    Fractal Design Gallery

    How difficult is it to remove the lower drive bays in an XL to make room for a res and pump?
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    Post your Workstation 2012

    Desk: PC: (Just finished redoing the watercooling last week, still need to redo the cables and get proper spacers for the radiator.)
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    How long will a radioator last me?

    I replaced my mora1 radiator last week after it ran for over 10 years in 3 or 4 different cases, and the radiator itself was still fine I just wanted to use the mora3 because it has proper connections and is even larger. (The mora 1 just has 10mm or 12mm tubes coming out the back, and the...
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    Metal tower reservoir with fins?

    I'm fairly sure my aquatube is aluminum, so I would be replacing one aluminum res with a different one. However I cant find this in stock anywhere anyhow.