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    Are You Getting an iPad?

    I got one today, completely worth it. It isn't a laptop replacement, but it's going to serve many a useful purpose. Of course it wasn't made to be a replacement, that's just what the haters have made it out to be. I figure the next generation one will be far superior, but i might as well...
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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    I did try to do it within Vista's own disk management, but it wouldn't let me resize the system partition. I'm sure if i fucked with it long enough i could have got it done, but Acronis took care of it in 5 minutes.
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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    Ok we're in business.........thanks bud! Acronis worked great for what i needed to do. Such a simple task, such a pita.......welcome to computer i guess eh.
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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    Hmmm, that's not going to work because i have a lot of programs on the D: drive so that would eliminate all the paths and at that point i might as well reformat the entire thing. I don't understand how Vista is using 18GB without a single program on it. I think my pagefile is 2GB iirc. I...
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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    Been running Vista on my laptop for about 2 years now and never had any problems with disk space. Today i got around to doing updates on it and i've run out of disc space. I have absolutely nothing on the C drive except Windows, i have all programs on another partition. I need to take back...
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    The only change since 07' is i now have a Logitech remote to replace the current 3 pictured, not really worthy of a new pic.
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    Nice. Could use some wire management though ;)
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    Any Lans in Colorado?

    Just moved to Westminster, anything going on? I'm up for some beer and computers :D
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    What games have you pulled all-nighters playing?

    Many nights playing RTCW MP. So many i can't even count. Only SP game that kept me up all night was Doom 3.
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    Wal Mart Acer Laptop

    Probably on a recovery partition?
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    Very [H]ot! Acer Notebook from Walmart $348

    Make sure you call, all the stores in Denver claim to be in stock but they are all actually sold out.
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    Looking for my first laptop.

    Check out the Dell XPS 1330. I'm not a huge Sony fan, they make nice stuff, but it's always overpriced imo.
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    Audio Editing Software? (Advice)

    My sister was asking me about audio editing software, and since i've never done audio editing here i am asking for your advice. Looking for a simple interface, can be free or can be bought. She is a HS teacher, and this is for the dance team, so we're not talking professional stuff here, just...
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    *Official* AVCHD Camcorder's Thread

    I have a Sony and use Sony Vegas to edit and it works great. There is more software available than listed by the above poster, i've tried 4 different editing software packages for this format, and while all worked, Sony Vegas worked best for my needs. Not to mention once you output an avi file...
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    Any regrets going to Laptops from Desktop?

    I pretty much use my notebook for everything i do on a computer, and prefer it over a desktop. The sole reason i keep a PC around is for: movies, music, and above all, storage (mainly for those first two items). The main benefits for me are: I don't need to sit in a chair, confined to one...