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    *HOT* Free Gillette Fusion 5 Blade Shaver from Walmart.

    Ummm, dude... I did. It's unparsed. :rolleyes:
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    *HOT* Free Gillette Fusion 5 Blade Shaver from Walmart.

    You should learn to copy and paste. ;) It still works.
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    <flame suit> I got a BoC! </flame suit>
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    Facebook Chase Deals
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    Facebook Chase Deals

    I was checking out the new Chase group on facebook and getting my free wallet when I decided to comparison shop. It appears the shipping is free and if you link you chase card you'll get an extra $10 off. Most prices were running equal with amazon, with this exception that I found: Philips...
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    Free Bosch Recip Blade And Auger Bit

    Got mine! Amazing! lol I had forgotten about it! hahahaha Thanks!
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    Memorex 2Gb Flash Drive $70 after $25MIR

    I missed that, dunno how. I must have overlooked the thread when I searched.
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    Memorex 2Gb Flash Drive $70 after $25MIR

    Amazon Link Memorex 2 GB 2nd Generation USB 2.0 Travel Drive 32509070 I found this while searching for a good one. It seems to be one of the best deals around right now. I just got one myself. (I saved an extra $30 because it was my first purchase on my Amazon card. lol)
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    How should I do this? (Network+Internet+VoIP for small non-tech business)

    Ok, I'm a computer tech at a photography business here in Auburn, AL. I've just been handed a project to research that, quite frankly, I think has probably been done, kid tested and mother approved. Truthfully, I haven't been kept up on everything a tech needs to since: A) I only fix computers...
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    25% off VizaWeb accounts and upgrades (webhosting) thru Dec 31.

    Just thought I would pass it along.
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    Problem installing PVR-500 MCE card...

    Is the card in the top PCI slot used on your system? I know some peopel report that it will only install in the top PCI slot or a certain one on their boards. Mine installed fine in the #2 PCI slot with nothing but an AGP card above it.
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    makers mark is giving away glasses again

    They do ship to Alabama. ;)
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    Show off your best pics!

    Both of these were shot on Nikon D70's with Sunpak flashes (forgot the model we use at work). The first is my fiance at Toomers Corner on AU's campus with Samford Hall in the background. I used four masking layers in the RAW image. Original JPEGs are linked for FULL SIZE images, lol...