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    Anyone to boot into bios or change a cpu clock/voltage via windows 10 that can't get into bios?

    I am currently at my wits end. About a year ago I overclocked my 2600k to 4.4ghz @ 1.35 volts. It was fine for then, but the past couple of months I started to get some errors and WHEA messages which I tracked down to likely being an issue with the cpu overclock. So to fix this I planned to...
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    Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen ~ Challenging Epic Planar High Fantasy MMORPG

    1. Stats, stats matter (especially in a game like EQ and older mmo's), that's why "just get a different one or don't wear it" doesn't really apply, you have to wear good armor and simply hurting yourself by not wearing it won't really fly, especially for grouping or doing hard things. How does...
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    Star Citizen’s New Planet-Sized Cities Unveiled at Citizen Con

    I honestly just have to shake my head at the whole scam posts, I mean seriously. How much more open can they be with the development of the game? You can literally look at their internal pipeline and see all of the things they are working on, etc as well as all the work over the years that...
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    There is 0 magic/fantasy elements in the game. That was one of the founding points of it in the first place, that it was an rpg set in a historical setting based on reality and not magic and fantasy. There are plenty of middle ages themed games with magic but there aren't many at all that are...
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    Bethesda: Fan Criticisms Won’t Define What We Do

    This is a great strategy! They should definitely not: 1. hire better writers for actual interesting storylines and characters/dialogue. 2. hire better animators (seriously, they are the ONLY AAA studio that legit feels like an amateur team did their animating on the side) 3. update their old...
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    AMC Has Banned MoviePass E-Ticketing in Denver and Boston

    It baffles me why AMC is so up tight about this. 1. Move theaters don't make their profits from ticket sales, the movie studios do. 2. Their profits come from selling greatly marked up concessions. 3. Moviepass is going to pay the FULL ticket price, theaters lose NO money. 4. With moviepass...
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    25 Years Later, Night Trap is Incredibly Tame

    I know that , I was talking about this re-release, it's rated Teen, which should show you how over-active they were over the whole thing.
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    Crackdown 3 Has Been Delayed Until Spring 2018

    The trailers and things on this so far have been a big "meh," it just looks so generic and bland. The biggest thing they had going was the destruction and then they announced it was only for multiplayer and then completely skipped that for E3 this year. Microsoft really has a huge lack of...
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    25 Years Later, Night Trap is Incredibly Tame

    The whole hearings on this were absurd. The people attacking it had not even played it and were just going by what other people (who likely didn't play it) were saying as well. The game is rated Teen, and it wasn't even nearly as graphic as Mortal Kombat.
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    SNES Classic Will Be Available for Pre-Order This Month, Honest

    Never have I seen a company behave so stupidly. "Lets make a product that many people want, then lets make it very limited and stop selling it , thus making it valuable for the second hand sellers of which we see zero profit!" Great business idea....
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    The Worst Internet in America

    Just because they live in a rural area doesn't mean they shouldn't have access to decent internet in this modern day and age. They pay taxes the same as anyone else and EVERYONE in the country should have access to something that'd widely considered a necessity. If the companies actually used...
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    The Worst Internet in America

    Umm, maybe you don't know about this but: TLDR: Government has paid billions to companies to expand internet to rural areas, which most of them have simply ignored/abandoned and pocketed your tax dollars. I...
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    The Worst Internet in America

    it'll hurt the smalltime monopolies like AT&T because you know, the billions they have already taken to "expand" their internet to rural areas is really paying off now.... I know people that are literally 20 minutes from me that can't get any kind of high speed internet still, just 56k or...
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    The Reign of 3D Is over in US Cinemas

    If they wanted 3d to keep making money then hollywood/film makers should have learned something from Cameron and actually filmed the movies for 3d rather then half-assing it and doing a cheap post-production 3d or relying on gimmicky shit. Seeing the Avatar movies/Life of Pi in 3d was AMAZING...
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    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    lol, nothing against people that like them, but I just can't stand curved monitors/screens.