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    Sonic Wall Alternatives?

    If you are on 5.9/6.x series firmware, you need to enable content filter blocks to be logged. I don't believe they are by default. Security Services/Content Filter, Click the Configure button under content filter type. In the resulting popup, under "If url is marked as forbidden". Make sure...
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    Google Chrome Group Policy

    Where are you seeing that the Chrome signin feature has been depreciated? Because I am most definitely not finding that... I cannot see that feature ever being removed; it would get rid of a major part of the browser! Not to mention ChromeOS/book devices basically require it. Only thing I...
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    Google Chrome Group Policy

    Seeing as you put Group Policy in the title. I can only assume the feature has been disabled via group policy. I use Chrome Enterprise at work, and the ADMX template for Chrome GPO settings does in fact have a setting that disables the login feature. You should probably look and see if you...
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    4G CGNAT is frustrating

    Most VPNs have some sort of mechanism for dealing with NAT.. IPSec for example has NAT-T, or NAT Traversal.
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    looking for a good wireless PCIe adapter for a desktop

    For a cheaper option there is also this: It uses a Intel 8260 2x2 card. I have a few of these and it's slightly older cousin, the 7260. I...
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    Migrating DNS/DHCP from 2003 to a new 2012 Server - anyone successful

    I've done it several times. However I took a different path. I did this: Step-By-Step: Migration of DHCP from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 This will export the DHCP database and scope settings from the 2003 server and import them into the 2012 server. This saves you from...
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    Advice on new rouer for 1 Gbps service

    Ubiquiti has claimed the LR versions (at least the 2.4Ghz UAP-LR) in addition to having a higher transmit power also have 2-3dBm higher receive sensitivity. That could theoretically translate to slightly better client performance at the fringes, though it would take a good amount of testing to...
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    Advice on new rouer for 1 Gbps service

    That speed is typical for 802.11AC... With a 3x3 AC router ("1300Mbps" in marketing speak), a 3x3 AC client, and a great signal you can typically expect around 400-550Mbps of actual throughput. The Asus 3100 router you are getting appears to be a 4x4 AC device, if you have a 4x4 Wifi...
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    Advice on new rouer for 1 Gbps service

    Wanted to add I have a RT-AC66U on a 1Gbps Fiber connection. Using my ISPs own speed test website I can achieve 980Mbps, though I suspect the router is not the bottleneck here; something in the ISP's network is. Because during peak hours it "slows down" to a mere 810Mbps. So the AC66...
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    Analog fax machine over network?

    Ugh... Faxes.. The industry I am part of has a hard on for them as well. (retail lumber dealers/lumber yards). Many of our suppliers either prefer or require faxes for orders and order acknowledgements. Is it really that hard to just setup a generic email address to receive orders? We...
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    PCI Compliance...

    Never did understand the point of disabling your IDS/IPS for external PCI scans... Isn't that the entire point of them?!? To see if you are externally vulnerable? The fact that your IPS/IDS is blocking their scans; doesn't that mean its doing its job?!
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    Low 802.11AC connection speeds

    5Ghz wireless is attenuated a LOT more than 2.4Ghz. It will not go nearly as far if there are walls in between you and the AP. Depending on the material your walls are made from, the attenuation can be substantial. What are your actual tested throughput numbers? The connection speed numbers...
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    Ubnt wired PoE network cameras

    I've always been partial of Vivotek cameras. They provide some awesome Windows DVR software with their cameras for free called "ST7501" that works great and allows up 32 cameras on a single server. At work I have a little over 150 Vivotek cameras in...
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    Fiber or Point-to-Point?

    I'm with the Ubiquiti Nanostation team... If you want to avoid the hassle of trenching and all that... At work I have 6 PtP links using Nanostation Loco M5s across multiple sites. They are super reliable and have never went down in the many years we have been using them. Each link gets a...
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    Solid wifi pci-e adapter for my in-laws?

    I am fond of this one: It is actually a Intel 7260AC adapter slapped on a Gigabyte branded mini PCIe to 1x PCIe adapter. Have several in use...