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    Aaryn Flynn steps down as BioWare General Manager; Casey Hudson returns to fill the position

    They will have to work very, VERY hard to erase the bad taste that the last ME game left in my mouth. ME-1, epic in every way. it's been a long slide downhill in my opinion. ME-2 was good, but wasn't as epic. ME-3 was blah. ME andromeda put me to sleep. The plots have been trending...
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    Why A Gamer Was Duct-Taped To A Ceiling

    LOL! Old times, man what a blast. My house was the LAN party house, not because i had a lot of space (it was a small house), but because i had a pile of 10M ethernet hubs. Yes hubs. But i had fiber linking them together, and the fiber links were 100M. So yeah, a lot of memories of CS and UT...
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    Thinking about buying more games on GOG instead of Steam, whenever possible ?

    I prefer GOG to pretty much everything, simply due to the fact that they release everything DRM free. At least they used to, i haven't purchased anything from them in a while. Not because i dislike them, the opposite is true. I just haven't purchased many games recently. And the ones i have...
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    Engineer is simply a title. PE actually means something. I am an engineer, but not a PE, and i would never claim to be a PE. I don't have the right, because i haven't done the work. But that does NOT mean i am not an engineer. That's the whole point of having PE's. If there was no reason...
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    Social Just Warriors in Space....and Beyond

    Exactly. As in real life, it's how you use what you have, that matters. Hell, i played a fighter with an int of 18, and a strength of 13, because i was going to min/max a dual class. Ended up never happening, as the campaign never had an opportunity for me to switch classes without fucking...
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    What's been the most relaxing game you've played of late?

    Astroneer. Kinda like minecraft, but in space. It is strangely addictive. Plus, it's pre-alpha on steam, but it does not have any real major "deal breaking" bugs. And they are pretty active in releasing new versions. Been playing for months, and it's just fun.
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    The trailer for Tides of Numenara looks REALLY good

    I backed both Tides and Sins 2. So yes, i expect it to be a VERY good year. Andromeda i am not very excited about, as the first Mass Effect is the best IMHO, they continually went downhill as the series progressed. Wasteland 3 is also in development and is moving along quite briskly, as the...
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    Who Is “The Last Jedi?"

    I don't know what the plot will be, but i know what the title for the last movie in this new trilogy will be. Lets recap from the top: The force awakens. The last jedi. From his nap. :LOL:
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Will probably buy. But IMHO, ME-1 was the best of the series. None of the follow ons managed to capture that epic feel of the 1st one.
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    Old timers : Do you REALLY enjoy the games today like past games?

    Been gaming since there were computer games. That being said, great games are great games. There were amazing games made in the past, and there will be amazing games made in the future. There are games that are old as hell that i still play today, but that doesn't mean that new games aren't...
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    HBO Slaps Takedown Demand On 13-Year-Old’s Painting That Used “Winter Is Coming”

    The problem is, if you own a trademark or copyright, you HAVE to defend it. If you do not, the courts can basically nullify your trademark or copyright. I have had to deal with this in the past, and while it sucks to have to squash some kids dream, who had no intent to harm, it's necessary...
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    Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki Calls AI CG Animation "An Insult To Life Itself"

    Some things just need to be hand crafted. Not because machines can make a better product, but people making things has always been part of our creativity as human beings. No current machine has creativity, no machine can dream. This may happen someday, and it probably will, given that nature...
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    Amazon's Grand Tour Most Pirated TV Show In History

    I miss the "star is a reasonably priced car" segment. That was awesome, and it showed a non-professional driver in a basic car, trying to go fast. That's what the average person is going to do, not every one can own an expensive sports car (never mind a supercar or hypercar). But we can own a...
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    Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K IPC Review @ [H]

    I'd honestly like to see a completely NEW CPU, utilizing a better "infrastucture" than the x86. There are so many transistors "wasted" to get around the limitations of the x86 architecture it isn't even funny. If a company sat down and actually devised a new instruction set, with the idea of...
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    Netflix Explains Its Mediocre Movie Selection

    The real reason, is if they own the IP, they make boatloads of money. HBO doesn't make content because they want to, they make it because it makes them boatloads of money. Why pay for other peoples work, when you can make your own and profit greatly. To be honest, i LIKE a lot of what Netlfix...