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    Corsair Performance Series™ Pro 256GB SSD Review @ [H]

    Great INFO TYVM I will try that software ThrottleStop.
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    Corsair Performance Series™ Pro 256GB SSD Review @ [H]

    Also what would be cool for testing SSDs is testing it in single mode and in Raid 0 if you can get two that is. I know a lot has to do with controllers too. I think it would be nice to see how some preform in a raid 0. Maybe a chart on best to worst single drive and raid 0 drives.
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    Corsair Performance Series™ Pro 256GB SSD Review @ [H]

    When you do your test do you turn anything off? Example 1. Drive indexing DISABLED 2. Prefetch disabled 3. Super fetch disabled 4.Defrag disabled When I was testing SSD a while ago making sure these were not running helped a lot on some SSDs and some I could not tell a difference. It's just a...
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    Corsair Announces World’s Most Advanced PC Power Supply

    good to know thanks for the info at least I learned something new today tyvm.
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    Corsair Announces World’s Most Advanced PC Power Supply

    I thought 80+ gold cert was the best and they are saying it's just 80 plus Platinum which I thought was one grade below gold standard or am I wrong?
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    Thermalright Silver Arrow Extreme CPU Cooler

    One thing I thought was cool is that you have the option to add a third fan to this CPU cooler. Don't know how much it would help though but pretty neat design to allow you to do that.
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    ASUS Shatters Performance Barriers

    7GHz!!! now that's sweet
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    Intel Announces The Solid-State Drive 910 Series

    I thought they were using SLC not MLC. Maybe I am thinking of the new 720 coming out. yeah that's what it was I was thinking about.
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    How Netflix Recommendations Work

    what is more sad to me is Netflix still offers more then any other service for streaming out right now and I am really getting sick of my Netflix account. Hardly ever anything I want to watch on it plus nothing really new on it either.
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    Google Announces Expansion At Oklahoma Data Center

    I applied there and got to the third round to get the job but they wanted to pay $13 an hour to run cable and change HDD, fix servers among other stuff. Plus it is temp jobs. I did not see any permanent job openings. and it's in the middle of no where Oklahoma with no help to move there. I...
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    Rovio Acquires Futuremark Game Studio

    so what gaming benchmarks do people use now a days?
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    First PC Screenshots From Max Payne 3

    Give Max Payne his suit back and his hair GD IT!
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    A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

    I liked the smiley face at the end that was awesome
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    Judge Allows Twitter Lawsuit Go Move Forward all I have to say
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    AT&T to Launch Samsung Galaxy Note LTE on Feb.19th

    I miss my JNCO's I had one with a squirrl that was ran over by a car on one leg. Made everyone laugh for some reason.