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    "Forgettable, Repetitive": Early Reviews Aren't Kind on Anthem

    The problem isn't the game. The game itself has a lot to offer and is quite enjoyable. The issue is the min maxxer players who want the least amount of work for the max amount of attention. Is no longer about the game,even the quality. The reviews are done in the merit of idiotic choices that...
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    "Conviction": District 9's Neill Blomkamp Releases Live-Action Anthem Prequel Trailer

    Maybe this is to garner interest in a movie. And holy hell what a movie or would be.
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    PSA: Anthem's Open Demo Is Live until Tomorrow

    I got it with my 2060, runs fairly well but reflections really spread the legs and give it a good old kick in the junk. But overall it's quite entertaining :) Anyone run it on a 2070/2080 in 1440p ? How's the performance?
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2060 Performance @ [H]

    I'm betting they did, but the programming for it is complex and NVidia wanted their new cards out the door while the GPU mining was hot. The premium prices reflect this, unfortunately the RTX performanceand support does not.
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2060 Performance @ [H]

    At this point in time if feels more like lazy game devs depending on the horsepower of new cards over how NVidia or AMD builds them. Use the PS4 for instance, I'll point to Horizon : Zero Dawn. It looks amazing and plays amazing, something that took more than a few players off guard.This game...
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    NVIDIA Stock Tanks 15% as the Company Cuts Q4 2019 Financial Guidance

    NVidia did it to themselves. Pure and simple they grew fat off of the Cryptomining wars of 2017-2018 and never realized that it ended. They've kept their heads ensconced firmly into their own anuses like a rectal ostrich when it comes to the rise and fall of crypto mining. They thought that the...
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    Anthem Demo a "Clusterf*ck": Connection Errors, Loading Issues, and More

    The game is being demo'd on alpha release versions. They are 3 or 4 huge builds ahead internally.This is more of a stability run than a demo. Anyone that thinks different needs to shake their head. On PS4 is runs like wet chilled shit. Looks like it's running on a 760Ti. But it's an alpha...
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    Need some advice about 1440p gaming with RTX2060

    Here's my recent anecdote with Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest IX and Fortnite. Had an older i5 with my 980 and attempted 1440p for a lark. It went bad, not at all playable unless everything was pretty well low/medium. Stuck in the Asus Strix Vega 56 I had ordered and was able to achieve 1440p but...
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    Sold a 1080Ti on ebay 55 days ago...

    Depending on the price he paid for it and his pc setup it may be overkill by a fair margin. Most people believe that tossing in a new gpu will make their pc a monster while they are still using an old cpu and 8 gigs of ram. Sounds like a scam to me. Guy has buyers regret and wants his money back.
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    Sold a 1080Ti on ebay 55 days ago...

    I agree but I have a feeling that Nvidia is holding back in their drivers for the simple reason that they still have stock to get rid of,not to mention compete with AMD. As is the 2060 comes pretty close at a semi attractive price
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    Sold a 1080Ti on ebay 55 days ago...

    I see what's happening : He paid for the 1080Ti, saw the 2060 come out for a good price and it's crazy performance. He wants to get a new 2060, plain and simple.
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    RTX bonus games : can they be given away/sold?

    I'm looking at buying an RTX 2070, it comes with Anthem or BF. Can I gift it to my son who doesn't use a RTX? Or can these be sold?
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    RTX 2060 When should we expect a sale?

    I noticed that within a week or so of release the 2070 was on sale on some sites for about $50 off. Is this a trend among card retailers? Should we expect a 2060 version to be on sale in the coming weeks, especially with NVIDIA trying to show up AMD?
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    2019 Best value card as of today

    Im not asking for a card for myself, the original questions had to do with what you considered makes a decision on whether a card was a value or not, and what you'd consider a modern value card as of today.
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    2019 Best value card as of today

    So you're like me, a 2-3 year timeline of good performance prior to the next upgrade.