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    First MP3 Player Turns Ten

    well I didn't have this idea for the cover, I tried to glue it back (even tape it back lol) without success and finally when I got all the soldering problem I gave up shortly and bought a RioVolt, which was cooler because it had MP3 Cd support and even UDF compatibility. Since I got a SONY MP3...
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    First MP3 Player Turns Ten

    ah memories, I remember that PMP300, it was so cool to listen to mp3 (32mb, 8 songs yay) because nobody had those back in 99, lot of good memories even if that little thing (for the time) was really fragile (I had to open it several times to re-do some cold solders, the battery cover was a...
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    Microwave case of DEATH!

    Definitely an AMD motherboard, crappy chipset but AMD mobo :D Nice mod by the way! Don't give up I want to see the final result!
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    shuttle power supply question

    Pretty sure, at my workplace we used to build Aria systems and we could build some kickass machines on it without stability problems. 300w is more than enough, especially 300 "antec" watts :p
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    huge heat problem

    You should definitely change the stock fans, I saw too many MPs overheating at my workplace (sometimes you can smell heat or even see some sort of "sweat" around the core), and we had to change almost every stock fans for Thermaltake Volcano 10 under warranty :/ Airflow is also a major factor as...
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    upgrading woes, how to run 3 dimms at pc3200?

    Much likely to be true, already saw that on SEVERAL amd chipset (mostly VIA) but even nForce2... Life is hard huh :p
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    Beep Codes on a Tyan Tiger S2466N-4M Motherboard

    Nop, it supports unbuffered memory on first 2 slots, but it's probably a memory problem, try to switch memory stick, or change them.
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    I need to record a telephone conversation

    This call may be recorded for quality purposes (I think I hear that every time I call a company for service ) :D