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    Steam Link $2.50

    YMMV, but I use the steamlink as a full remote desktop/pc streaming device. I have my PC setup in the garage while I use a steamlink in the living room and master bedroom. I use virtualhere with the steamlink to share my xbox one wireless adapter, wireless mouse and keyboard in the living room...
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    Faulty? With XFX R9 295x2 dual 4K, the secondary monitor flickers intermittently

    Had a similar issue with a Radeon 7950. My troubleshooting led to the memory down clocking at idle being the issue. If I left a video or game running on that secondary monitor the flickering or random black screens never happened.
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    2x 280x+ 7970

    If this is also your main PC/gaming system (not overclocked) then I'd recommend getting a 1000w power supply like the new EVGA supernova's with 10yr warranty. If its a dedicated mining system that isn't going to be used for any other purpose, a good 850w power supply, like Corsair, should be...
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    It makes more sense to buy TVs than monitors

    I'm going to partially agree as I currently have a 55" W900a. I'm not sure it absolutely destroys any PC specific display (My Dell ultrasharp is still really good when I'm at my standing desk) but I do find this TV has many more gaming related features than many other PC specific displays on the...
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    It makes more sense to buy TVs than monitors

    I play on a Sony KDL55W900A. It's a great PC gaming TV for an LCD (Mostly used Panny Plasma's in the past). Very low input lag when set to game or graphic mode, and using impulse motionflow mimics lightboost but @ 60hz so motion blur is vastly reduced.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Expanding

    I shared much of your opinions after playing (8-10hrs) back in November. I've changed my tune recently after giving it another shot and spending much more time in game. The Dev's appear to be listening to complaints/suggestions and are actively making positive changes. They just added game...
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    Dell P2314H ICM Profile

    I would be interested in this as well. I've seen the P2414H profiles so not sure if those could be modified somehow for the P2314H. I'll report back in this thread if I find anything elsewhere, if you could do the same that would be awesome.
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    Powerline Networking

    The ones I've worked with in the past just need one hooked up to a router or switch, then the rest can be placed wherever throughout the house. You just need to pair all the ones throughout the house to the one connected to your router or switch. The manufacturer's website should have an FAQ or...
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    Corsair AX860i dead after i month and can't raise Corsair!

    I have a similar experience going on right now with my PSU RMA through Corsair and I'm only a few hours away from their office in California. They've never responded to my inquiries within the ticket (not like I was impatient and only waited a day, it was 6 business days on the longest comment...
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    EVGA Backstock sale

    Considering these are 1yr warranty and have no accessories, these prices are way too high. Pretty much all of these items, spend an extra $20 on Amazon to get a new retail product with 3yr warranty, free games + step up options.
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    ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC Overclocking Review @ [H]

    Awesome review like always and much appreciated.
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    DIY Phase Water Chiller

    Sorry for the thread necro but gotta say thanks for posting this even though what I was searching for on Google wasn't related to your Water chiller. :) I was checking to make sure liquid electrical tape was ok for circuit boards and your thread + pics popped up with a circuit board coated...
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    780 reference cooler noise

    I gotta say I was skeptical of the 780ti reference blower cooler after experiencing the 290x's reference blower cooler and the differences are huge. The 780ti reference cooler is so much better and a great deal quieter when the fan is moving above 50%. With the 290x if I set the fan above...
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    Need more Seasonic in my rig because there is no Seasonic in my rig.
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    Xbox One is Significantly Weaker: Do you care?

    If you do the bulk of your gaming on PC like I do, then the issue really comes down to which console offers the best overall features for your money that are important to you. Even though the PS4 is going to obviously be the more powerful console, you can't discredit that many people like...