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    Picking a 16TB spinner and noise

    a Second for Seagate EXOS. I have four in a Synology 918+, 5 feet from my desk. They are no louder or quieter than the Western Digital drives. My friend has one with Ironwolf drives and it sounds similar. You would be good with either.
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    AMD or Intel CPU?

    Either one anymore. My preference is always more cores>speed. I have an AMD3950 and a 12700k system. Like them both. IF you can hold out, the new AMD chips are coming out this year. Just an idea.
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Weird, but my temps went UP if I disabled the E cores.
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    Are we going to see a updated 10980XE?

    When they start having problems with the yield of new high end Xeons, we will be blessed with the "New" HEDT CPU's. They have easier ways to profit than by rewarding their loyal customers with what they want. Just sayin.
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    Alder Lake launching November 4th

    Right on the nose. Power and heat cause the need for bigger cooling, power supplies and a bigger battery backup. What about California's power computer usage law thing? I wonder Intel can pass the test on that
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Picked up an Asus Z690M Plus D4 with a 12700k. Not bad. IF you have a Z490m Plus with a 10700k, you will not notice much of any difference. The CPUZ benchmark is better, but to me, it doesn't offer much difference. The TEMPS of the CPU weren't as bad as I thought they would be. Using a...
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    major price gouging on z690.

    and nobody wants 11th Gen
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    Z690 mainboard for OC / gaming

    Was disproven.
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    Alder Lake launching November 4th

    Idiot is a little harsh. Consider him like the Trevor in Trailer Park Boys. lol
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    Alder Lake launching November 4th

    Worth it? No. Are we going to do it? Yes. I am switching from a 10700k. Will it make a difference? Not much. Can't help myself.
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Asus Z690m-plus. Only good matx I found
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    Best way to get a 12900 without getting scalped?

    Microcenter or find a genie in a lamp.
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    Anyone still running an X99 Broadwell-E system?

    Imagine asking that question 18 months ago. Now think in the next 18.