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  • In a manner of speaking, it is my actual location. It's a play on mispronunciation and friendly insult as well as a local thing. Misery=Missouri.

    As for my XD-9 Service, I definitely do not regret purchasing it. I have yet to have a single problem with it. No misfeeds, no problems with ejecting, just nothing. The only problem is that I haven't had many chances to actually take it out and shoot. So far I've only put several hundred rounds through it. Any accuracy "problems" are likely attributed to me and not the gun. So far I've fed Winchester White Box, Magtech, American Eagle (Federal) and Remington Golden Sabers through it and it's chewed through all the ammo no problem.

    It also fits my hand just right and "feels" good which I don't get with Glocks. To me the recoil on it isn't much but that could be because it's 9mm.

    My experience with handguns is very limited but I can see myself getting another XD in .45 down the line.
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