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    Amazon MP3 Big Handel Box for $ .99

    Not something I listen to. But my brother happens to be the polar opposite of me, I picked up all 3 boxes for him.
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    Best Buy $50 off $100, 10% off Open Box

    Ill try my Local BB tomorrow. I should really have a Backup drive
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    Shoprunner free 1-year membership.

    thanks op. oh btw, no CC info needed...
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    ARCTIC MX4 4G - Free after MIR (2.99 shipping)

    I would say this is [H]ot! as long as they don't mess around with the MIR... ARCTIC MX4 Thermal Paste - 4gram tube is 14.99 and has a 14.99 MIR Shipping is 2.99 unless you have shoprunner. Link: Pretty good thermal...
  5. S 30%-50% everything

    I went with the standard all black, but my girlfriend wanted the pink ones!:rolleyes: She has no need for them (does not game or even listen to music outside of her car). Shes the type to impulse buy because something is pink. I also gamed for 1 hour last night and I felt great when I...
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    they go over my whole ear, its not active noise canceling and with the volume turned down a little i can still here outside noises.
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    Just got my headphones this morning, Listening to some music as im typing this. I can honestly say these V2's are really amazing. Ive never owned such a comfortable pair of headphones. Initial sound is amazing. cant wait to game for a few hours with em. that will have to wait till Thursday...
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    My ETA changed to dec 3rd fyi. :(
  9. S 30%-50% everything

    I live in New York, my shipping info says due in this friday!
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    Trendnet 8 Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch - $18.00 FS

    Got my switch in yesterday as well, I need to clean up the wiring in my home network center (closet). Figured a good project for my day off. Now, all I need is a wireless range extender and im good to go!
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    Ive spent time researching mechanical keyboards and do want to get one, but would like to try one out. stinks that there are really no stores local where I am that have display versions out.
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    Well I can wait. I'll use my backup headset for now.
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    HOT - Sennheiser HD 201 for $5 + FS on the egg

    Dam. Missed it
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    Trendnet 8 Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch - $18.00 FS

    I bit on amazon, thanks OP.