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    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    It seems impossible for large video game publishers to maintain a good reputation. Blizzard was once worshipped as a company that cared about its fans and produced quality games; those days are long gone. More recently CDPR have shit the bed, and that seemed an impossibility so soon after all...
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    Logitech G Hub - Still Sucking?

    I just switched from a Corsair mouse and keyboard to Logitech (G502 and G815). I love the hardware—the G815 is especially heavenly—and I don't mind the software, at least compared to the pile of shit that is iCUE. Aside from being a bit clunky to use, I haven't ran into anything particularly...
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    Nvidia bringing the 1050 ti back from the dead to meet demand

    I'm guessing the demand is from people who've blown up or sold every graphics card they've owned over the past few years and live in a used GPU desert. Yeah, a bit of hyperbolic joking, but it isn't too far off the mark when it comes to how utterly fucking ridiculous (sad) the state of GPU...
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    Nvidia RTX 30-Series GPU Availability to Worsen in Q1: Report

    My friend was beating himself up about buying a 2080 Super around August of last year. I think he's feeling better about that decision now, and I'm feeling kind of idiotic that I decided to hold off on the GPU for my new build.
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    Google shutting down Stadia internal development

    Google gonna Google. It makes me less confident in all their services, including the perennial Gmail.
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    Hackers Hold Man's Penis For Ransom In Digital Chastity Belt, Demand Bitcoin To Unlock

    This is peak . . . something. I just don't know what in the hell what.
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    I consider myself a smart guy, but I've completely lost the plot about . . . well . . . everything these days. You know how when you drop something and you go to grab it but it just keeps bouncing off your hand until it crashes to the floor? That's what my brain feels like trying to grasp all...
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    Microsoft patented a chatbot that would let you talk to dead people. It was too disturbing for production.

    I truly don't see how a cohesive society can survive all the fucked up AI shit coming down the pike. Something something luddite.
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    I subscribe to the block universe theory, so it's all rather moot to me.
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    Creative's Sound Blaster Z SE promises an even better audio experience

    I'm truly amazed this company is still in business. I have to give them props for that.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Due to my Corsair M65 PRO mouse's buttons finally getting wonky enough that I threw it in the garbage, I've rediscovered my love for ye olde Logitech MX518. I pulled it out of storage to act as a stopgap until I get a new mouse. I'd used it for about 12 years before initially retiring it, and...
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    GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Master OC Edition Pictured

    I have a X570 Aorus Elite WIFI with a 3900x and 128gb of memory and the only issue I have is that once in a blue moon it will randomly sleep and not wake up without a hard reset.
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    At Last, First Light for the James Webb Space Telescope

    "The telescope that ate astronomy". A phrase coined over a decade ago.
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    The Astronomic Rise In Cryptocurrency Prices Will Extend The GPU Shortages With Miners Looking To Purchases All The Newest GPUs - WCCFTech

    I had seven and some change in my BTC wallet that I'd forgotten about. I just checked it after reading this thread, and it's now $23.38. That crazy volatility is why crypto will never be a legitimate currency.