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    server for my dads small business, simply accounting

    Don't forget the Dell Outlet. You get great deals on hardware with the same 3-year NBD warranty as new systems. I've purchased from the outlet for 6 or 7 years now and I've never had a DOA system -- anything from thin client Optiplex workstations all the way up to $20k database servers.
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    DNS opinion requested

    What problems were you experiencing? Switching DNS providers will not help with throughput and ping times, as you mentioned above.
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    Think I got hacked?

    Think about it... if you're intent on hacking someone, what's your motivation? Do you want to just move their cursor or would you rather deliver a payload that has some benefit. It's far more likely that what you are describing was not some furious hacker attempting to befuddle you, it's just...
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    I would like a new routing box. Throw on an appropriate daughtboard for your usage, add some memory and storage and you're good to go. I'm using several of these with the Realtek modules running Untangle and it keeps my remote locations running just fine. If you don't want to...
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    Think I got hacked?

    There's about a 0% chance that what you are describing was a "hacking" incident. I'd say you either had a stuck key or some other fluke.
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    Some 10Gb love for the home lab!

    Myrinet is horribly inefficient when running with a typical IP infrastructure...
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    Is this a decent server? Save some money...
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    Server and network monitor

    Ditto. Look at Cacti EZ for a quick and easy way to get it running.
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    ESXi 4.1 + Supermicro X9SCL Onboard RAID

    Well, that answers that... thanks for the info. Any low-cost controller you'd recommend?
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    ESXi 4.1 + Supermicro X9SCL Onboard RAID

    I just picked up a few new parts to build a new VMWare ESXi box to consolidate some servers... here are the specs: Supermicro X9SCL-F Intel Xeon E3-1230 2x Crucial 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1333 4x Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB There isn't going to be...
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    Timeclock for business?

    I've rolled-out Qqest's TimeForce with a lot of success. Their fingerprint scanners work very well and the software is intuitive and easy to use.
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    Server room temp monitoring system?

    I've used AVTech in the past and it gets the job done. This should work just fine: It includes an internal sensor and an external sensor with a long cable to place somewhere else.
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    rackmount dmarc?

    I did read, I guess I just didn't realize that "negative on the smart jack" meant you aren't using the smartjack. Seems like you have your problem figured out, regardless.
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    rackmount dmarc?

    This thread has me confused... what are you doing with the cat5 from the smartjack that it needs to be broken out into pairs like that? Who is bonding the T1 circuits, your telco or you? Are the smartjacks terminating to a router?
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    Replacing an IT for an office

    With 30-40 users and 1 IT person, I wouldn't even be concerned about fixing hardware issues on the workstation level. Keep your systems up-to-date and in warranty and let your vendor handle any hardware issues that arise. Dell has next-day on-site warranties that are dirt cheap! If the IT...