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    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses

    They should've watched Black Mirror's Nosedive episode first.
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    Microsoft Guy: Mozilla Should Give Up on Firefox and Go with Chromium Too

    Didn't Microsoft once say something very similar, for a similar reason (i.e. share percentage), about Linux? Hmmm...
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    Microsoft Announces Project Mu: An Open-Source UEFI Creation Tool

    Agreed! I was about to post: Am I the only one afraid that this will result in FORCED firmware updates to those of us being used a guinea pigs for the corporations?
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    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    Let's face it, pretty much only the rich can afford to BUILD a home in CA. That's precisely why this was passed; it will have little to no effect on the people who struggle to pay their rent or mortgage in a state where the median home price is over $600,000 and contains nearly 1/4 of the...
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    Australia Passes World's First Anti Encryption Law

    Great way to handicap existing Aussie businesses on the international level and discourage overseas companies from bringing jobs there.
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    Google Employees Speak Out Against Project Dragonfly

    Dear Google employees, It's admirable that you're willing to stand up for something you believe in. But, are you considering the fact that there are others who would love to work for Google? Signed, The millions of people around the world anxiously looking to take your job.
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    Microsoft Pulls Faulty Office Updates and Warns Users of Another

    Screw this. I'm done. Disabling all Windows updates until there SEEMS to be a safe batch of updates to install again... maybe spring? If anyone is wondering how to do this in Windows 10 Home, set your connection to metered and it should stop MS from even downloading any updates...
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    France Will Embed Regulators Inside Facebook

    How ironic that FB is currently down. France already broke something?! What's that red button do, Mark?
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    20th Century Fox Uses Machine Learning to Predict Movie Audience Appeal

    Hollywood: Here's our movie, what will the audience think of it? Merlin Video: Needs more cowbell.
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    Copytrack Announces Image Monitoring Deal

    There's a reason even 99% isn't good enough for companies. This one is satisfied with 98%? Copyright infringement may not be as serious as some of these, but it sure does inhibit creativity and cost money to fight false positives. Companies already don't fully investigate before issuing a...
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    Sprint’s New $15 per Month Unlimited Offer Hopes to Lure in Switchers

    Does anyone know how long you must NOT be a member of Sprint before you can sign up for this?
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    YouTube and Reddit Banning Firearms Related Content

    If that's legally accurate (I'm not a lawyer), then it's a serious problem and shame.
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    YouTube and Reddit Banning Firearms Related Content

    If your ISP decided to prevent you from posting or reading about certain, legal topics online, is that still not a 1st Amendment issue?
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    YouTube and Reddit Banning Firearms Related Content

    I do. The issue is that as more and more entities decide what can or cannot be discussed, we run out of places to talk about certain things. This is suppression and, even if the government isn't enacting a law forbidding the speech itself, they're still enabling it. Pushing a topic underground...
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    YouTube and Reddit Banning Firearms Related Content

    There's an attack on free speech in this country. People are being forbidden from discussing certain topics when other people or groups don't like what's being talked about.