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    The Official HP w2207/w2007 Thread

    Hey people, got the W2207 two weeks ago. I have one issue right now that I want to correct, if possible. I want the monitor itself to scale to aspect ratio for a 16:9 image. It will only do this for 4:3 and 5:4 resolutions. Nvidia card will do it but NOT the monitor itself. I've made sure...
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    HL2 Episode 1 - $7.99

    Something is wrong with the deal. Not available online, and only in-store for 19.99. No indication of any sale whatsoever when I was at Circuit City yesterday.
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    Are the 84.21 drivers responsible for IQ probs in Source?

    Tried them, didn't help. If that's the case with my card then I might send it back. It's advertised to work properly at 590/1600, so it should.
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    Are the 84.21 drivers responsible for IQ probs in Source?

    Havn't overclocked it. It runs @ 590/1600 standard, though.
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    X-QPACK-NW-BK/420 screwhole placement = trouble for video card

    Hey people, I ordered my Qpack the other month, and there was in issue with a screwhole placement. I have it pointed out here: A small, half circular piece of metal was sticking downward from the screwhole, almost certainly by design. This metal was in the way of my 7600GT. After...
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    Are the 84.21 drivers responsible for IQ probs in Source?

    I have a XFX 7600GT XXX edition, 84.21 drivers. The problem is terrible pixel crawling in Source games. I just checked UT2k4 and it does not have the same problem. I'm running things in high quality, so this shouldn't be happening in the first place. I've tried different AA and AF settings...
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    winamps advanced visualzation studio.

    Winamp's visualizations don't use the GPU. It's all on your CPU, which sucks.
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    Biostar 6100 s939 problems - ethernet not working

    I've formatted and tried nforce ethernet drivers, but nothing is working. What kind of motherboard fucks with a PCI card on top of not having its own integrated ethernet working? I went 7 weeks without a fucking computer, and when I finally get my stuff, it doesn't work as advertised. If...
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    Biostar 6100 s939 problems - ethernet not working

    I put in a kingston PCI ethernet card and it is doing the exact same fucking thing as the integrated ethernet. The integrated ethernet should be disabled but I'm getting the same problem. WTF is this unadulterated garbage?
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    Biostar 6100 s939 problems - ethernet not working

    The integrated ethernet is completely fucked up. It is causing the system to tell me the network cable is unplugged every two seconds. I have tried the drivers on the CD and the latest from Biostar's site, but nothing fixes the problem. The system won't let me downgrade my driver, always...
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    rank for me which is best 1600, 6800, 850gt

    169 USD X850XT. Dear god. If you want a good card to hold you over until WGF2.0 cards arrive, and SM3.0 isn't necessary for you, get this card.
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    Rumour: 7900 GTX to cost $499, GT $299

    Why worry about the price of two-in-one cards? People should expect to be paying at least double what the high-end costs, because you're basically getting two cards. The real concern is the price of single cards, which thankfully look set for getting a bit more reasonable.
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    7600 Pictures and Specs

    Any estimations or confirmations on how this thing performs?
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    Power Glove -> PC Gyro Mouse

    Shell Bullet !!!!!
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    Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

    Some of the voice acting is crap, but most of the time it's passable. Putting that aside, the 25 minute anime you earn after beating the game is pretty nice and the game itself is worth the money, expecially if you were a fan of the original MMX. Biggest improvement to the game is being able...